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TRAVELOGUE: An Oriental Market Instead of a Station Bistro? Waiting for the Train is an Experience!

TRAVELOGUE: An Oriental Market Instead of a Station Bistro? Waiting for the Train is an Experience!
photo: RAILTARGET/TRAVELOGUE: An Oriental Market Instead of a Station Bistro? Waiting for the Train is an Experience!
16 / 09 / 2023

The eleventh installment of the popular travelogue is available exclusively on the RAILTARGET website today. So, what can we expect? We journeyed south from Kalmar, but not before making stops in Malmö and Ystad. We were especially taken with Malmö station, notably how they manage their catering services.


On Wednesday, we once again boarded the X31 train operated by Öresundståg, heading southward. The train was scheduled to depart from Kalmar at 9.00 a.m. The unit was virtually the same as the one that took us between Lund and Kalmar the previous day, with a minor difference: Yesterday, two units travelled to Kalmar, but today there was just one. That was until we reached Hässleholm, where a supplementary unit was added. We arrived safely in Malmö, disembarking at 12.11 p.m.

Malmö Central Station / RAILTARGET

Malmö Central Station is nothing short of impressive. This expansive brick edifice is separated from the city centre by a canal, with the bus station situated across from it. Among its features is the SJ lounge. But what truly caught my eye was the layout of the catering facilities. They are arranged in a manner that evokes the feel of an authentic oriental market, at least from our perspective. The variety of establishments allows for a delightful respite while waiting for the train. It's also worth noting that Malmö lacks a metro system; its role is adeptly filled by suburban trains. Consequently, Malmö boasts numerous railway stations, many of which are underground.


Before delving into Malmö, we ventured to nearby Ystad, one of Sweden's most historic towns. Our transport there and back was the Coradia unit operated by France's Alstom. We settled into the spacious 2+2 carriage and left the subterranean section of Malmö Central Station at 13.07. Trains servicing Copenhagen and the suburbs operate from this underground portion, while other services utilize the larger main station above ground. We punctually reached Ystad at 13.56, a town serviced every half hour by trains from Malmö.

Underground stations / RAILTARGET

Following our exploration of the splendid and monument-rich Ystad, we awaited our 4.30 p.m. train back to Malmö at the station, which houses three through tracks. We alighted slightly delayed at 5.26 p.m. This leg of the journey was again courtesy of a Coradia unit operated by Skånetrafiken, capable of speeds up to 160 km/h.


Travel Tip: For refreshments, the station kiosks offer a broad selection to cater to all tastes.