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TRAVELOGUE: The Next Stop on Our Nordic Rail Journey

TRAVELOGUE: The Next Stop on Our Nordic Rail Journey
photo: RAILTARGET/TRAVELOGUE: The Next Stop on Our Nordic Rail Journey
04 / 09 / 2023

The RAILTARGET editorial team is pleased to present the sixth installment of our travelogue series exploring rail travel in the far north. In this episode, we bid farewell to Norway and board a train bound for Gothenburg, Sweden.

After a brief night's rest, we headed back to Oslo S station, aiming to catch the 10:01 a.m. train to Gothenburg. However, upon reaching the platform, we found it conspicuously empty. Call it bad luck at Oslo's central station, but this time the train arrived with surprising promptness, and by 10:16 a.m., we were already en route to Gothenburg, aboard a train similar to the one we rode the previous day.

Train at Oslo station / RAILTARGET

Operated by the Norwegian company Vy, this train offered only second-class accommodations. Interestingly, Norwegian fare rules applied for the entirety of the trip to Gothenburg. The opposite is true for the Stockholm-Oslo line, operated by Swedish state-owned company SJ, where Swedish tariffs are in effect throughout. Notably, the train featured a vending machine for cold beverages and snacks, which, once again, accepted only card payments. The sole downside? Limited legroom. We arrived at Gothenburg's terminal station at 2:05 p.m., running a twenty-minute delay.

Second class / RAILTARGET

As this marks our final journey in Norway, a brief summary seems appropriate. While Norway boasts multiple rail carriers, tickets for all can conveniently be purchased through the Norwegian-owned company Endur. Tickets can be either train-specific (more affordable) or flexible (more expensive), the latter allowing for changes if needed. Employee benefits and international network tickets are universally honored in Norway, regardless of the operator. However, it's worth noting that the rail infrastructure, managed by Bane NOR, could use some improvement—something the government seems to recognize, as it has recently allocated substantial funds for extensive upgrades. This might explain some of the unique experiences we had during our Norwegian travels. Yet, overall travel comfort remained high.


Turning our attention to Gothenburg, its railway station, dating back to 1856, is Sweden's oldest. This hub in Sweden's second-largest city features 16 tracks and a plethora of restaurants, cafes, and shops. First-class passengers also have access to the SJ lounge. Conveniently located across from the station is a bus terminal, and the city center is within easy walking distance. Lastly, a special mention goes to the city's trams, which are, in my humble opinion, nothing short of impressive.


Travel Tip: Trash bins are available only near the train doors, not by the seats.

Swedish tram / RAILTARGET