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TRAVELOGUE: RAILTARGET Chronicles a Journey to Sweden’s Capital

TRAVELOGUE: RAILTARGET Chronicles a Journey to Sweden’s Capital
photo: RAILTARGET/TRAVELOGUE: RAILTARGET Chronicles a Journey to Sweden’s Capital
06 / 09 / 2023

In the seventh installment of RAILTARGET's popular travelogue series, we turn our attention to Stockholm. For the first time in Sweden, we had the pleasure of experiencing their long-distance trains. Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, has multiple stations; the most significant are Stockholm Central and Stockholm City. These two stations are expected to function like the future collaboration between Prague's Opera Station and Prague Central Station.

Unit X 2000 / RAILTARGET

After touring Gothenburg, we departed at 10:24 a.m. the next day for Stockholm. The X 2000 unit, manufactured in Sweden by ABB, was our choice for the journey. Notably, this train was exclusively first-class in the 1990s, but that concept has since been modified. Today, only one out of six carriages is designated as first class, where free tea, coffee, and snacks are provided. The first-class section features a 2+1 seating arrangement, while the second class has a 2+2 layout. Both classes offer amenities such as power sockets and Wi-Fi.

First Class X 2000 / RAILTARGET

The train set, which has a top speed of 200 km/h, comprises a driving car, three standard second-class cars, a second-class car not combined with a bistro, and a first-class car. Operated by SJ, this unit includes a machine that is permanently attached and can only be removed in a workshop. The journey was smooth, and we arrived punctually at Stockholm Central Station at 1:25 p.m.


Stockholm Central Station has 19 tracks serving both long-distance and regional trains. From here, the Arlanda Express operates from track ten, offering a special fare. While other trains also go to the airport, using them requires an additional fee for the airport station, a charge not applicable to the Arlanda Express. The Central Station concourse is expansive, featuring an array of amenities from the SJ lounge to various shops, cafes, eateries, restrooms, and luggage lockers.

Arlanda express / RAILTARGET

Stockholm Central is also connected underground to Stockholm City Station, which is exclusively underground and accessible via multiple ground-level entrances. Stockholm City Station has four tracks and is used solely for commuter trains. This setup mirrors the planned connection between Prague's future Opera Station and its main station. Additionally, direct metro access is available from Stockholm City Station.

Stockholm Central Station Hall / RAILTARGET

Both stations are less than a 20-minute walk from Stockholm's historic center, which is remarkably compact and filled with historical landmarks that we plan to explore over the next two days. It's worth noting that Stockholm's public transportation is managed by SL. Tickets can easily be purchased through a mobile app and are valid on suburban trains, with options for additional tickets if needed.

Underground connection of two stations / RAILTARGET

Travel Tip: If you hold a first-class ticket for the SJ long-distance train, make use of the SJ lounge at the station. There, you can enjoy a complimentary meal while you wait for your train, making the wait more pleasant.

Connection of railway stations / RAILTARGET