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TMH producing new double-deck restaurant cars

TMH producing new double-deck restaurant cars
photo: THM press materials/TMH producing new double-deck restaurant cars
08 / 11 / 2021

THM received approval from the Acceptance Committee for the manufacturing of a 50-unit collection of double-deck restaurant car Model 61-4525. Federal Passenger Company, Russian Railways’ Passenger Planning and Design Technological Bureau, Russian Railways’ Central Laboratory, Center of Technological Audit, TMH Engineering, VNIIZT, and several other suppliers are part of the Acceptance Committee.

In July, TMH received the conformity certificate for safety requirements for its new double-deck passenger cars of Model 61-4523 and Model 61-4524 (staff car).

Before any operations, the cars must follow the Customs Union Technical Regulations. The restaurant cars are designed to enhance double-deck trains including Model 61-4523 and 61-4524 and are being built at the TMH plant in Tver, Russia.

The obvious benefits of these new restaurant cars are larger space interiors and a pneumatic suspension for steadier rides.

The first floor features a kitchen, a washing station, and a bar for 4 people. The second floor serves as a dining hall with 36 seats equipped with armrests. The car carries a 3000-liter fridge and a 700-liter freezer. The dumb-waiter-elevator between these two floors also speeds up the exchange of food and dishes. The sanitary section of the car has two eco-friendly bathrooms with a shower and separate garbage disposal.

In the beginning, the restaurant cars will be furnished for the operators and their paying customers.