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TMH got a license for their new restaurant wagon. Production will start next year.

TMH got a license for their new restaurant wagon. Production will start next year.
photo: THM press materials/TMH got a license for their new restaurant wagon. Production will start next year.
11 / 12 / 2021

The head of Federal Rail Transport Certification Registry Alexander Komissarov handed over the Certificate of Conformity to Technical Regulations of the Customs Union for the double-deck restaurant vehicle Model 61-4525 to the technical director of TMH plant in Tver, Aleksey Moguchev.

Since the launch of the industrial measures of the Customs Union in Rail Transport, the Certification Registry provided TMH through its factory in Tver over 90 licenses of conformity and listed over 30 proclamations.

“The new restaurant coach is our new step in the field of machine engineering. It got created in close cooperation with the Federal Passenger Company and observance of the new concept of on-the-train food service. It significantly surpasses its predecessor. We expect to ship this coach to Federal Passenger Company in a short time and start the batch production in the next year,” Aleksey Moguchev, the technical director of TVZ, said.

A comprehensive analysis of the operating experience of the previous model (61-4473) developed in 2013 was the base of these brand new coaches Model 61-4525.

The new Model 61-4525 got made to suit the updated lineup of the double-deck coaches of the Model 61-4523 and the Model 61-4524.

The first floor of the double-decker vehicle features a kitchen, a mini station, and a 4-seat bar. The second floor provides a dining area with a capacity for 36 passengers. For the first time, the travelers will have a chance to purchase tickets for the coach while having the opportunity to enjoy the double-decker restaurant vehicle benefits. It will get manufactured for the Russian national passenger rail operator Federal Passenger Company under the framework contract, signed in 2019, for the supply of 3730 rail cars of various types to be delivered until 2025.

The license enables extensive services of these vehicles in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Armenia, and parts of the Customs Union.


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