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The night train Stockholm - Copenhagen - Berlin starts

The night train Stockholm - Copenhagen - Berlin starts
photo: Snälltaget/The night train Stockholm - Copenhagen - Berlin starts
30 / 06 / 2021

On June 27, 2021, the Swedish passenger operator Snälltåget launched a new night train between Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Berlin.

The train departs from Stockholm at 16:20. Makes several stops in Sweden, then in Denmark at Hoje-Tostrup station in the suburbs of Copenhagen at 22:45, then in Hamburg at 17:31. And arrives at Berlin Central Station at 08:52.

The return departure from Berlin is scheduled for 19:02. Arriving in Stockholm the next day at 14:20. A negative COVID-19 test is required for passengers traveling through Denmark to Germany or Sweden. The quarantine was lifted on June 27, except for passengers from the Swedish counties of Kronoberg, Värmland, and Norrbotten, which are considered high-risk areas.

Snälltåget (a subsidiary of the French company Transdev) independently finances this subsidized transport. Several external locomotives are used for the voyages, but the wagons have been owned by Snälltåget since 2019 and have undergone a complete overhaul.

Until 4 September 2021, journeys will be made daily, after which Snälltåget will switch to several trains a week by the end of October of the same year. Travel time is 16 hours 30 minutes. Tickets to continue the journey from Berlin (the passenger has a choice of 30 German cities) can be purchased directly on the operator's website. In some cases, the train will arrive in Berlin and leave from another station - Gesundbrunnen.

In this train, passengers are offered three types of accommodation: seating, reclining chair and sleeping accessories (both in the common cabin), as well as in separate compartments (at night upholstered furniture is transformed into six couches). A visit to the wagon - restaurant with a design recreating the atmosphere of the past, is possible on the Swedish section of the road until 21:55.

From 2012 to 2019, Snälltåget operated the Malmö-Berlin train using the ferry line between Trelleborg, Sweden, and Sassnitz, Germany. The new train Stockholm - Copenhagen - Berlin became its replacement. The operator also plans to open traffic between Sweden and the Austrian Alps on the route Stockholm-Malmö-Zell am See in 2022.