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The most beautiful railroads in the world: Flåmsbana, Norway

The most beautiful railroads in the world: Flåmsbana, Norway
photo:, Norway
29 / 12 / 2020

The Flåmsbana railway line in Norway is one of the steepest ones in Europe. Despite being relatively short, reaching a length of only 19 kilometers, it offers a very intense experience.

It is a local railway in the Sognog Fjordane area, located about 216 kilometers from Oslo. Flåmsbana is actually a connecting line between the town of Flåm, located on the shores of the Aurlandsfjord, and the station of Myrdal. This station lies on the line between Oslo and Bergen, which dates from 1909.

The construction of this railway line began in 1923 and took 20 years to complete. The workers who built the track, worked a total of around 6,165,350 working hours. Currently, this route serves tourists.

The track leads through mountain valleys, where the Flåmselva river flows. It flows from Lake Reinungavatnet near Myrdal Station. Below this lake is also the Kjosfossen stop, from where there is a beautiful view of a waterfall. Here tourists can also see the fairy, which descends to the waterfall accompanied by music. It is an interesting tourist attraction.

The train only stops in two places. While passing other trains at Berekvam and also at the stop right at the waterfall.

In the lower part, the railway line passes through the valley, where the surrounding peaks reach a height of up to 1400 m. The station in Flåm is just 2 mere meters above sea level.