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Trans-Siberian Railway: The longest railway line in the world celebrates its 105th anniversary

Trans-Siberian Railway: The longest railway line in the world celebrates its 105th anniversary
photo: Archives/The longest railway line in the world celebrates its 105th anniversary
18 / 10 / 2021

One of the most admirable projects in the world, the so-called Trans-Siberian Railway, nicknamed "Transsib", is celebrating its 105th anniversary today. This unique railway line passes through eight time zones and together measures an incredible 9 288 km, connecting the Russian capital Moscow with Russia's easternmost port, Vladivostok. It also connects the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans, among other things.

Initial Construction, which began during the reign of Tsar Alexander III. was significantly supported by the historically first Prime Minister Sergei Witt and lasted a total of 26 years. Although the last stage of electrification was not finished until December 25, 2002. The Trans-Siberian Railway played an important role, especially in the development of the Eastern part of Russia, where new cities were simultaneously built during the construction of the railway.

The curious project was built from both ends at the same time and then, years later was connected in the middle. A major change within the railway itself was electrification, which began in 1929 and lasted over 73 long years, thanks to which the load capacity doubled up to 6 000 tons.

The Russian Railways, which is the main administrator of this railway, currently offers a standard price in 3rd class (economic) starting from 154GBP. For demanding travelers there are also luxury routes run by a British company The Golden Eagle Luxury Trains which also offers interesting themed trips such as the "Silk Road" which simulates trade routes that date back to 130 BC.

The most interesting facts include:

1. The construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway escalated into the Russo-Japanese War in 1904-1905.

2. "Transsib" crosses 16 rivers, including the Volga, Kama, Yenisei, etc.

3. When traveling to the East, passengers have to be on Moscow time.

4. The sister of the Trans-Siberian Highway is the Trans-Mongolian Highway, which connects Moscow and Beijing.

5. An estimated 60,000 people took part in the construction, among whom you would find soldiers, workers as well as prisoners.

6. The longest tunnel on "Transsib" is two kilometers long.

7. There are 89 cities along the entire length of these train tracks.


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