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The first high-speed train ETR1000 arrives in Spain

The first high-speed train ETR1000 arrives in Spain
photo: first high-speed train ETR1000 arrives in Spain
10 / 09 / 2021

The first of 23 high-speed ETR1000 trains operated by ILSA has arrived from Italy in Spain for pilot trips along the Figueres (Spain) - Perpignan (France) cross-border section along the Mediterranean coast.

The tests are being carried out in preparation for the regular operation of ISLA trains on three routes that run on the Spanish high-speed network and link Madrid to Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Seville, respectively. Two more ETR1000 trains are expected to arrive in Spain by the end of the year. Hitachi Rail is building a batch of 23 ETR1000 (Frecciarossa 1000) trains to operate in the country, with traction equipment supplied from the Spanish company Bombardier Transportation (now part of Alstom) in Valle de Trapaga.

The 200m ETR1000 train can accommodate up to 467 passengers and is designed for speeds of up to 360 km / h, but in Spain it will be limited to 300 km / h, with the exception of a small section on the Madrid - Barcelona line, where a speed of 310 km / h is allowed.

The completion of the ETR1000 train test in Spain is scheduled for April 2022. Then, within a few months, train drivers and train crews will undergo a training course, after which ISLA intends to start commercial transport.

As part of the liberalization of the Spanish high-speed rail market in 2019, ILSA has been allocated a schedule line package on three routes for 10 years. ILSA is a joint venture in which the Italian national operator Trenitalia participates. Another package of threads was received by the subsidiary OUIGO España of the National Society of Railways of France (SNCF), which in May 2021 has already started transporting passengers between Madrid and Barcelona using OUIGO double-decker budget high-speed trains.