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The company České dráhy bought 22 Stadler RegioShuttle RS1 vehicles for regional lines

The company České dráhy bought 22 Stadler RegioShuttle RS1 vehicles for regional lines
photo: RegioSpider
14 / 01 / 2021

České dráhy (ČD) is once again expanding its rolling stock. This time there are 22 used Stadler RegioShuttle RS1 diesel vehicles to join the fleet of ČD. The national carrier purchased them from HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock. ČD has paid EUR 15.5 million for them.

This type of cars is already used by České dráhy in three regions, the Vysočina Region, the Liberec Region, and the Pardubice Region. The purchase of cars was confirmed to the Czech media by Jiří Ješeta, a member of the Board of Directors of České dráhy responsible for passenger transportation. About half of the cars were already delivered to the national carrier before the end of 2020. More cars are to be delivered gradually.

The gradual delivery is necessary due to higher-level repairs of the cars done in Germany. These cars should start running on the Czech railways in December 2021. Before that, however, the so-called "bohemization", i.e. adjustment to the parameters of Czech railways, awaits them. In this way, the Stadler GTW cars, which are intended for transports in the Olomouc Region, are also modernized in the company ŽOS Zvolen.

The Stadler RegioShuttle RS1 dates back to 1997. They are single-deck and have a MAN engine. They were previously operated by Hohenzollernische Landesbahn. A total of 24 cars were previously purchased by HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock. This company subsequently sold 22 cars to České dráhy and leases the remaining two cars within the subsidiary HEROS Rail Rent.

These refurbished vehicles should replace units type 809 and type 814/914. These are becoming obsolete for the current demands of the operation. A similar procedure took place between 2011 and 2013 when České dráhy purchased 33 units of the same type and put them into operation on Czech railways under the name RegioSpider.