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The ÖBB team is looking for reinforcements - over 1,100 apprenticeships this year alone.

The ÖBB team is looking for reinforcements - over 1,100 apprenticeships this year alone.
photo: ÖBB press materials/ÖBB train
17 / 01 / 2022

ÖBB offers up to 61 courses throughout Austria for future train drivers, service and management staff, shunters, dispatchers, wagon drivers, and many more.

Many girls and boys aspire to work on the railway one day - for example, as train drivers. ÖBB will make this dream possible in 2022 by allowing 1,100 people to start training in one of the exciting career fields. Over the year, 61 courses will start across Austria to train candidates to become train drivers, service and management team workers, shunters (with train operations), dispatchers, and wagon inspectors at Austria's most prominent climate protection company.

The need for staff is exceptionally high in the eastern region. A total of 430 training places are available in the Eastern Region, of which 240 are for driver training. Additional driver training courses will start in February with a minimum of one class per month. Each course has 12 seats for future train drivers. After approximately 12 months of paid training in theory and practice and passing the final exam, participants can transport passengers and goods safely and on time from point A to the final destination.

The prerequisites for admission to the driver course are:

  • Completion of an apprenticeship (school certificate, high school diploma) and a minimum age of 19.5 years at the start of the course
  • Completed military/civil service or exemption from it
  • Very good knowledge of German, both written and spoken
  • Physical fitness, very good eyesight, and hearing
  • Willingness to work shifts (night/weekend/holidays) with varying hours