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Terrifying Train Collision: Accident Near Pardubice Leaves Four Dead and Dozens Injured

Terrifying Train Collision: Accident Near Pardubice Leaves Four Dead and Dozens Injured
photo: Správa železnic / Public domain/Tragic train accident near Pardubice
06 / 06 / 2024

Yesterday in the late evening hours, a tragic accident occurred near Pardubice, Czech Republic, on the RegioJet overnight train RJ1021 on the route Prague - Košice - Čop, which collided with a freight train for unknown reasons. The accident resulted in four deaths and over thirty people were injured.

The accident occurred before 11 p.m. on Wednesday. Three other people suffered moderate injuries, and over twenty people were slightly injured. The cause of the accident is under investigation. Rescue work is underway at the scene with all emergency services deployed. The owner of the company, Radim Jančura, and other employees of the carrier are also present. At the time of the accident, there were more than 300 passengers on board the express train. The front carriage was seriously damaged.

The Railway Inspectorate has warned that the damage after the tragic night accident exceeds CZK 110 million. "The damage to the freight train is about 50 million crowns, 60 million crowns to the express train, and about 300,000 crowns to the line," spokesman Filip Drápal said on Thursday morning.

RAILTARGET has a statement from Radim Jančura. "On behalf of myself and RegioJet, I want to express my great regret for this tragic event, especially for the loss of human lives. Our deepest condolences to all their loved ones," says the owner of RegioJet. "We deeply apologize to those injured and to everyone who has been affected in any way by the accident. We are ready to provide them with maximum support and compensation. We will do our utmost to investigate the incident properly and take appropriate action accordingly."

RegioJet has currently set up a crisis hotline 222 222 221, which people can contact with questions. In addition to Czech and Slovak, the line is also available in Ukrainian. They can also direct their questions by e-mail to Summary information will also be available on a special website that the carrier will set up later in the day.


Source: Regiojet; Správa železnic