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Taniej z Bliskimi: PKP Intercity presents a new group travel offer. Here's all you need to know!

Taniej z Bliskimi: PKP Intercity presents a new group travel offer. Here's all you need to know!
photo: PKP Intercity/Taniej z Bliskimi: PKP Intercity presents a new group travel offer. Here's all you need to know!
04 / 07 / 2022

PKP Intercity is introducing a new offer for small groups. From July 1, rail travel with a family or group of friends is even cheaper. Taniej z Bliskimi (Cheaper with Relatives) is a new offer prepared for families and small groups of two to six people.

PKP Intercity's new all-access offer is effective as of July 1 this year. To take advantage of it, all you need to do is travel in a group of 2 to 6 people - all members of the group then receive a 30% discount on base ticket prices. Cheaper with the Close is valid on TLK and IC category trains in domestic relations.

To take advantage of the offer, tickets must be purchased no later than 1 day before departure - for this reason, tickets cannot be purchased from the conductor under this promotion. Tickets are available 30 days before train departure at ticket offices and online channels.

The offer is combined with statutory discounts, so those entitled to them will travel even cheaper. It is worth noting that tickets under the Cheap with Relatives promotion can also be purchased for travel in a carriage with berths (so-called couchette) and a sleeping car.

On express trains - EIC and EIP - you can invariably use Family Tickets, which PKP Intercity offers to groups of 2 to 5 people, including a child under 16. In this offer, each member of the group also receives a 30% discount on the ticket.

Life brings many opportunities to travel together. We are trying to make them even more accessible, both in terms of connection offerings and ticket prices. With our new offer, we want to encourage families and smaller groups to travel together by rail. Cheap with Friends tickets are a great solution, regardless of whether you are travelling for two, with your family or in a group of several friends," says Marek Chraniuk, CEO of PKP Intercity.

"We are meeting the needs of millions of Poles who want to travel around the country and are introducing an offer that will make train travel for several people very cost-competitive with car travel. By doing so, we are joining the measures taken by the Polish government as part of the anti-inflationary shield. It is worth emphasizing that by choosing rail we reduce not only costs but also the impact on the environment, as the train is the most environmentally friendly means of public transportation," noted Tomasz Gontarz, Member of the PKP Intercity Management Board.

The first half of the year: PKP Intercity with the highest number of travellers in the company's history

The introduction of the new attractive offer is an incentive to use low-emission transportation such as rail and leave the car in the garage. When travelling by car in a group, costs, as well as emissions, are spread over several people - PKP Intercity is offering a solution that is even more economical and low emission. Every time a person chooses a train instead of a car, there are fewer CO2 emissions - and this is the choice more and more Poles are making. The first six months of this year saw another record-breaking transport performance by the national carrier:

  • from the beginning of the year to June 30, PKP Intercity transported 25.4 million people;
  • in the previous two years this number was less than 12.5 million, while in the first half of 2019 22.8 million people travelled with PKP Intercity;
  • this year's result represents an 11% increase over the January-June 2019 period. (before the pandemic);
  • 5.26 million people used PKP Intercity's services in May, and 5.3 million people in June, representing less than 1% growth;
  • the record day was June 19 - on that day alone, 247,000 people travelled with PKP Intercity.

After two years of the pandemic and the restrictions associated with it, Poles are eager to return to trains. The growing interest in rail travel is heavily influenced by the effects of PKP Intercity's investment program, improving travel comfort, as well as the Promo offer, introduced in early May on economy category trains.

More than half of us want to get to know Poland even better

With the end of pandemic austerity and restrictions, Polish society is more willing to embark on holiday jaunts. An opinion poll commissioned by PKP Intercity showed that the pandemic has had a major impact on holiday trips. More than 70% of respondents admitted that safety issues, movement restrictions and health concerns have influenced their trips in the past two years.[1] At the same time, difficulties and changing rules in travelling abroad have created new trends. More than half of Poles (52%) have rediscovered Poland's tourist charms and intend to get to know it better. Also, more than half (53%) said they intend to travel more this year than in 2020 and 2021. During this year's vacations, 56% of Poles plan to go to new places, while half intend to visit familiar destinations. 85% of Poles planning holiday trips intend to visit the most popular Polish tourist destinations - the sea, Masuria, mountains or big cities.

Plans to develop offers for Warmia and Mazury

Already, those travelling to and from Olsztyn can enjoy a high standard of travel. Of the 19 pairs of connections passing through the capital of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, 17 are in the IC category, operated mainly by electric multiple units or trainsets with modernized cars.

PKP Intercity's development strategy calls for a gradual increase in the number of connections in key sections in the Warmian-Masurian province. In the 2030 perspective, Warsaw and Olsztyn will be connected by up to 12 pairs of trains per day. Currently, 8 pairs run on this route - the number of trains will increase. A two-hour cycle of connections throughout the day will be carried out on the Olsztyn - Elblag - Tri-City and Olsztyn - Torun - Poznań routes. Thanks to the implementation of modernization works on railroad line No. 38, the offer of connections from Wroclaw, Poznan, Szczecin and Tricity to Gizycko and Elk will be developed. Up to 7 pairs of connections per day will run on the Olsztyn - Elk section.

The construction of the new infrastructure of the RailBaltica line (Bialystok - Elk - Suwalki section) will allow the inclusion of the Suwalki - Elk - Olsztyn - Tricity route in the network of long-distance connections. Thanks to this, the offer of connections between Warsaw - Białystok - Elk - Giżycko will also be developed. Thanks to the already planned projects for the purchase of new rolling stock, trains will return to the currently unused route Białystok - Ostrołęka - Szczytno - Olsztyn.


Source: PKP Intercity Press Releases