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Talbot Services completes modernization of the 100th FlixTrain coach right before deadlines.

Talbot Services completes modernization of the 100th FlixTrain coach  right before deadlines.
photo: FlixTrain press materials/FlixTrain
16 / 12 / 2021

Talbot, a company based in Aachen, has finished modernizing the 100th car for FlixTrain. Therefore, making the average-sized company just as influential in the regional and international success of the green long-distance trains in Railpool, the owner and financier of the rolling stock. FlixTrain will be able to expand its services according to the December 12 timetable changes. The trains get comprehensively cleaned and disinfected after every trip, and check-in is solely contactless. In addition, masks (FFP2 or surgical masks) are obligatory following country regulations.

From December 12, according to the new timetable, commuters will have an opportunity to travel to 11 destinations from Aachen between Fridays and Sundays. The train links connect Cologne, Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen, Dortmund, Hamm, Gütersloh, Bielefeld, Hanover, Stendal and Berlin. In addition, passengers will be sure that the voyages do not worsen the environment, as all FlixTrains get powered by 100% green energy.

FlixTrain allows the passengers to travel across 11 cities, including Berlin, Cologne, and Hanover. The prices of tickets start from EUR 3.00. FlixTrain also utilizes modernized trains while guaranteeing passenger seats that do not require extra fees on all connections. From Aachen to Berlin, travel times last around six hours. Cologne gets reached in less than 45 minutes. It puts FlixTrain journey times on one level with ICE trains.

The structure of the company's plans got broken down into the following points:

- Aachen-based Talbot completes 100th FlixTrain coach, 140 planned by May 2022

- Close cooperation between FlixTrain and its partners Talbot Services and Railpool

- New offer for the winter timetable from December 12: A total of 11 destinations are accessible from Aachen with FlixTrain, including Berlin, Cologne, and Hanover

- 100% green electricity, guaranteed seats for all passengers, and travel times at ICE level

- Tickets are available from EUR 3