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Switching from car to train becomes even more attractive: ÖBB announces the start of construction for around 1,300 new parking spaces in Wiener Neustadt

Switching from car to train becomes even more attractive: ÖBB announces the start of construction for around 1,300 new parking spaces in Wiener Neustadt
photo: Rendehouse e.U. / ÖBB /Switching from car to train becomes even more attractive: ÖBB announces the start of construction for around 1,300 new parking spaces in Wiener Neustadt
17 / 07 / 2022

Making it as uncomplicated as possible to switch from car to train is the declared goal that ÖBB, the state, and the municipality are pursuing together. On Thursday, Wiener Neustadt officially broke ground for the new parking deck with almost 1,300 new parking spaces, marking another crucial milestone in this project. The work is scheduled for completion in September 2023. The investment costs amount to around 18.3 million euros, of which ÖBB will cover 50%, the state of Lower Austria 35%, and the municipality 15%.

"With today's groundbreaking ceremony for the new parking deck construction at Wiener Neustadt station, we are yet again underlining our commitment to the mobility revolution. We are building the new parking deck near the station, on the site of the previous old parking deck. After completion of the new parking deck with seven floors, our passengers will have a total of more than 2,150 parking spaces at Wiener Neustadt station, plus more than 1,100 Bike&Ride spaces," says Hubert Hager, head of the ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG division, summing up the advantages.

Ludwig Schleritzko, Provincial Councilor for Mobility: "The switch from car to train should be made as attractive as possible for commuters in Lower Austria. With the steady expansion of the Park&Ride areas, we are sending out a signal for the high relevance of environmentally friendly, sustainable public transport. Not only, but of course especially in the large district capitals of Lower Austria and in the catchment area of Vienna."

"The city of Wiener Neustadt and the entire region are considered an attractive, vibrant residential and business location. In connection with this, the city is one of the largest traffic hubs in eastern Austria. Especially concerning our environment, we are therefore taking a crucial step with the new construction of the ÖBB parking deck to make rail travel even more attractive and to make life much easier for our commuters. My thanks go to the Austrian Federal Railways and the Province of Lower Austria, who together with us are creating the necessary framework conditions for all those who travel by train from Wiener Neustadt every day," says Mayor Klaus Schneeberger.

ÖBB / Mikkelsen

In 14 months to the new parking deck

Wiener Neustadt is a rail hub. Thousands of commuters travel to work from here every day and switch from the car to the environmentally friendly train. The two existing parking decks are full. For this reason, ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG, in cooperation with the province of Lower Austria and the municipality of Wiener Neustadt, is building a new, larger, and, above all, more modern parking deck in place of the old one on the Ferdinand-Porsche-Ring side. The importance attached to ecological sustainability by all those involved in the project is visible on the roof. The area will be greened and equipped with a photovoltaic system. The self-generated energy from this will be used in the parking deck and train station.

Facts & figures:

  • Start of construction: July 2022
  • End of construction: September 2023
  • 1,276 parking spaces, of which

o 26 barrier-free parking spaces

o four parking spaces for e-mobility (56 more prepared)

o 26 family and 102 women's parking spaces

  • ten parking spaces for motorized two-wheelers
  • seven floors, barrier-free access via elevator
  • Video surveillance for entry and exit areas, stairwells, and elevator system
  • Green roof on about 2000 m²
  • Photovoltaic system with an output of around 213 kWp
  • New access and exit to the Park&Ride facility and redesign of the Ferdinand-Porsche-Ring/Bräunlichgasse/Maria Theresien-Ring road junction
  • Extension of existing Bike&Ride facilities at the station forecourt by 242 additional, covered parking spaces in a double-deck system

Disruptions during construction

The construction of the parking deck is divided into several construction phases. Depending on the construction phase, different disruptions to road traffic are to be expected.

July/August 2022

First, about one-third of the existing parking deck will be removed. The existing Park & Ride facility on Maria Theresien-Ring (next to the Provincial Court), including an additionally created parking area directly behind it (access via Maria Theresien-Ring and Maximiliangasse), will be available as a replacement parking area. The traffic island at the access to the parking deck at the intersection of Ferdinand Porsche-Ring/Bräunlichgasse/Maria Theresien-Ring will be removed between July 11 and 14.

September 2022 until March 2023

Bräunlichgasse will be closed from February 27 to March 31, 2023, for the new parking deck construction and access road. Residents will still be allowed to enter Bräunlichgasse, but all other road users will be diverted. It also applies to pedestrians and cyclists. The city bus lines will run on a different route. The bus stops Bräunlichgasse 1/2 and Bräunlichgasse/Kindlergasse cannot be approached. Cars will be diverted via Ferdinand Porsche-Ring, Maria Theresien-Ring, Maximiliangasse, Kammanngasse, and Bräunlichgasse.


Source: ÖBB Press Releases


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