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Stadler Rail to Unveil New Emission-Free Train for Regional Routes at InnoTrans

Stadler Rail to Unveil New Emission-Free Train for Regional Routes at InnoTrans
photo: Stadler Rail / Public domain/Stadler Rail
14 / 06 / 2024

The Rail Business Days program in Ostrava, as our editorial team reported, was very diverse. On the second day of the fair, Stadler Rail, the second-largest European rolling stock manufacturer, announced a new vehicle, the successor to the RegioShuttle RS1 diesel multiple unit. This new model, the RS Zero, will be available in single-car and two-car versions and officially unveiled this September at the InnoTrans fair in Berlin.

The RS Zero can be constructed with either hydrogen or battery power, making it particularly suitable for use on non-electrified secondary lines. It features regenerative braking to capture electricity generated during braking and can accommodate approximately 70 to 150 seated passengers, depending on whether it is the single-car or two-car version. The vehicles will meet all current standards, including TSI. The maximum speed will be 120 kilometers per hour, and the maximum axle load will be 18 tons. Key advantages of the RS Zero include its lightweight construction and extremely low axle load, as well as zero-emission propulsion. The cars will have a lightweight aluminum integral construction. Stadler plans to obtain homologation for the new vehicle by 2026.

Stadler Rail is developing this new type of regional train in response to changes in the European market, where low-capacity vehicles for regional routes have almost disappeared, leading to increased demand from carriers. At the Ostrava fair, where RAILTARGET was also present, the company announced that it is actively negotiating the sale of these vehicles with a significant German transport authority. The signing of the memorandum is also planned for InnoTrans in Berlin.

In addition to the RS Zero, Stadler Rail also presented other vehicles from its extensive portfolio at its press conference, which will be showcased at InnoTrans. These include the KISS electric double-decker for Austrian ÖBB, the FLIRT 3 XXL BEMU battery-powered vehicle for customer Pfalznetz, the CI 99 Bi-Mode locomotive, the fire and rescue train for Austrian ÖBB designed for Austrian railway tunnels, and the CITYLINK combined tram-train vehicles capable of connecting railway lines with tram lines without the need to change vehicles.

It is noteworthy that Stadler Rail holds the world record for its battery-powered vehicles (BEMU), which managed to travel 224 kilometers on a single charge. The charging time is also impressive, taking only 15 to 20 minutes. Stadler Rail is not just a Swiss company; it also has a branch in the Czech Republic, currently employing around 250 people, mainly engineers and project managers, who manage group projects across Europe from Prague.