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Stadler: Four double-decker EMUs from got purchased by the ZSSK

Stadler: Four double-decker EMUs from got purchased by the ZSSK
photo: Stadler/Stadler/ Kiss train
22 / 12 / 2021

Slovakian railway company ZSSK and Stadler signed a deal for the production and delivery of four two-story EMU Kiss vehicles. The delivery of completed vehicles got scheduled for the end of 2023. The estimated worth of the contract is EUR 76.95 million, with each car's average price estimated to be EUR 19.2 million.

It is Stadler's first contractual supply of these two-story, electric-engine vehicles meant to operate on the Slovakian railroads.

The ZSSK fleet currently owns 21 articulated cars(GTW) acquired from Stadler, fifteen of which are narrow-gauge GTW with electric drive, and 6 are standard-gauge GTW with a diesel-electric engine.

One hundred fifty-five meters long trains, composed of six cars, have a capacity of 611 seats, with 30 being in the first class and the remaining seats being in the second class.

They are known for their high drive power and rapid acceleration. The vehicles can reach 160km/h using electric drive power through the overhead contact line. 

The trains feature a direct, step-free entry, four bathrooms, one of which got customized for passengers with mobility limitations. Multi-functional sectors could get used not only by passengers using wheelchairs but can get used to store bikes, strollers, and luggage storage.

Travelers will benefit from a modernized passenger information system (PIS), and WLAN. In addition, a surveillance camera system has been installed both inside and outside of the vehicles. The cameras got installed on the roof to improve rail safety. The trains got equipped with a certified tracking system that oversees energy consumption. The drivers can also enjoy the modern, ergonomic design of the cabin.

“Modern electric units are really crucial for the regional transport of busy routes in western Slovakia and for maintaining the comfort of our passengers. By strengthening rail transport with another four modern double-decker units, we are trying to respond to congested routes and provide people with the opportunity to travel quickly, safely, and ecologically,” Roman Koreň, the Chairman of the Board of ZSSK said.

In the fall of, ZSSK  ordered from Stadler five GTW rack-and-pinion adhesion multiple units and a multi-functional rack-and-pinion bonding locomotive for use on the rack-and-pinion and bonding network of the meter-gauge electric TEŽ mountain railways in the High Tatra mountains.