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Stadler Delivers FLIRT for the Rheingau Express

Stadler Delivers FLIRT for the Rheingau Express
photo: Stadler on LinkedIn/Stadler Delivers FLIRT for the Rheingau Express
19 / 01 / 2023

Stadler has supplied eight FLIRT rail vehicles to VIAS for deployment on the Rheingau-Express lines. Alpha Trains will lease the vehicles long-term to VIAS RAIL GmbH (VIAS), a RATH Group subsidiary, with an option for an additional train.

Starting in 2025, the electric multiple units will operate on the RE 19 and RB 10 lines along the Rhine, connecting Koblenz, Neuwied, and Frankfurt. This contract increases the total number of FLIRT vehicles in VIAS's fleet to 27 trains.

Each FLIRT multiple unit can accommodate up to 512 passengers, with 230 seats available. There are three sizable multi-purpose areas for the transport of up to 12 bicycles, prams, or wheelchairs per train. The trains have six boarding points, facilitating swift passenger exchanges, and an optimized boarding area for 550 mm platforms. Additionally, the vehicles are equipped with a lift, ensuring barrier-free boarding and alighting regardless of platform height. Energy-efficient air-conditioning, power sockets, and complimentary passenger Wi-Fi contribute to a comfortable travel experience.

The state-of-the-art vehicles will be outfitted with the latest Guardia train control system, an ETCS solution by Stadler that has been employed in various European countries such as Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, and Slovenia. The partnership with Stadler and Alpha Trains brings modern and comfortable railcars to the Rheingau Express, enhancing the existing fleet and travel options for passengers.