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Spain starts reconstruction of the Mediterranean trans-European corridor

Spain starts reconstruction of the Mediterranean trans-European corridor
photo: /Spain starts reconstruction of the Mediterranean trans-European corridor
07 / 09 / 2021

Spain's high-speed rail infrastructure operator Adif AV has unveiled plans for a new normal gauge line between Murcia and Aguilas. In the future, this high-speed highway, which is part of the Mediterranean trans-European corridor, will be extended to Almeria, the capital of the province of the same name in the southeast of the country. The total cost of the project will exceed 3 billion euros, part of the funds (446.6 million euros) will come from the NextGenerationEU recovery fund created by the European Union.

The existing one-track non-electrified 1668 mm gauge railway Murcia-Pulpi-Aguilas is planned to be converted into a double-track electrified 1435 mm gauge line. The construction of new sections and the elimination of railway crossings are envisaged. During the work, the movement of suburban trains on this railway will be suspended, freight traffic will continue.

It is expected that the demand for rail transport between Murcia, the capital of the region of the same name, and Aguilas, located on the Mediterranean coast, will be from 2 to 3 million passengers annually. Now the volume of traffic between these points reaches 1.2 million people. in year.

Reconstruction will be carried out at seven sections with a total length of 106.9 km, including 23 bridges, nine tunnels (of which four are new) and 20 new infrastructure facilities. The longest is the Lorca-Pulpi section, its length is 31.3 km. From Pulpi station to Almeria, trains will run on a new infrastructure.

The new line will pass through an area with great socio-economic potential, contributing to its development, reducing travel time and carbon dioxide emissions, and improving traffic safety. Ultimately Murcia, Aguilas and Almeria will be connected to the Spanish and European high-speed rail network.