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Snowpiercer: A Journey Through Post-Apocalyptic Luxury

Snowpiercer: A Journey Through Post-Apocalyptic Luxury
photo: A Journey Through Post-Apocalyptic Luxury
09 / 08 / 2023

Trains have long been a compelling element in pop culture, representing a myriad of themes and symbolisms across various fictional and cinematic universes, with one of the most iconic representations being the South Korean-Czech science fiction action film "Snowpiercer," based on the French graphic novel "Le Transperceneige" by Jacques Lob, Benjamin Legrand, and Jean-Marc Rochette. In this riveting narrative, the Snowpiercer, a luxury locomotive cruise line, is designed to traverse the globe, enduring the harshest climatic conditions and becoming the centerpiece of a story that's as much about survival as it is about societal structure and revolution.

The Snowpiercer, a marvel of modern engineering, is largely autonomous, with no explicit driver's seat, although provisions for manual inputs exist. Water for the entire train is ingeniously sourced from intakes on the front sides of the Engine. Along with providing the basic life-sustaining necessities, the train also houses advanced technology like language translation devices which work by being pressed to the throat. 

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The Snowpiercer's global route spans a whopping 438,000 kilometres, marking its own unique concept of a year, the time it takes to complete one full loop of this track. Its journey is punctuated with traditions, such as celebrating New Year at the crossing of the Yekaterina Bridge, and the distribution of New Year eggs boiled with water from the Engine. However, despite its marvels and innovations, the Snowpiercer encapsulates a grim reflection of societal hierarchies, as the rear of the train is relegated to the underprivileged, or 'Tailies,' who subsist on protein bars. The challenges and inequalities within this microcosm ultimately spark a rebellion, leading to an unfortunate derailment after 18 years of operation, leaving only a handful of cars and the indomitable Engine intact.

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