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Slovenian Railways Introduces Major Fare Overhaul: More Savings for Train Commuters!

Slovenian Railways Introduces Major Fare Overhaul: More Savings for Train Commuters!
photo: Stadler/Slovenian Railways Introduces Major Fare Overhaul: More Savings for Train Commuters!
21 / 08 / 2023

Starting from 11th August, ticket prices for traveling by Slovenian Railways passenger trains have become more affordable, particularly for passengers who predominantly use the train for journeys exceeding 20 kilometers and opt for monthly, semi-annual, or annual tickets.

Now, a monthly personal flat-rate ticket costs only €65, and an annual equivalent stands at €520. These SŽ flat-rate tickets have enabled passengers to commute in 2nd class coaches across the Slovenian Railways network without any additional charges. As a part of these new changes, various other Slovenian Railways tickets have also become more budget-friendly. Back on 1st June 2023, the Ministry of the Environment, Climate, and Energy had introduced cost-effective IJPP season tickets for both train and bus transport. Supporting the shift toward sustainable mobility, they also endorsed the adjustments to the Slovenian Railways Passenger Tariff, exclusively benefiting those who rely on the railway.

Key modifications to the Slovenian Railways Passenger Tariff included:

  1. For exclusive train travelers, ticket prices dropped by 5% compared to the IJPP single tickets, which cater to both train and bus users. A monthly personal ticket covering the entire Slovenian Railways network is now priced at €65, while the annual ticket comes at €520.
  2. Weekly, monthly, semi-annual, and annual flat-rate season tickets have been made valid for 2nd class coaches on the entire Slovenian Railways network, with no additional charges.
  3. Route-specific return tickets for travels over 80 kilometers transitioned to flat-rate tickets, offering unlimited travel within Slovenia in a day, valid for 2nd class LP and RG trains at €14.
  4. The SŽ kilometer scale got synchronized with the IJPP scale, leading to an average 5% reduction in train ticket prices in comparison to IJPP tickets for identical routes.
  5. The age threshold for availing 50% discounts on child train tickets has been elevated from 12 to 15 years.
  6. Primary school students' annual tickets cover the entire year, inclusive of summer breaks, and only require an ID for validation.

Furthermore, there are several revamped features in the SŽ season ticket offerings:

  1. Weekly tickets for distances beyond 40 kilometers have shifted from route-specific to a universal SŽ ticket, priced at €32.
  2. Monthly return tickets for routes over 20 kilometers have been standardized to a universal SŽ ticket, costing €65 for personal and €85 for non-personal.
  3. Semi-annual and annual tickets for travels over 20 kilometers have similarly transitioned, priced at €325 and €520 for personal, and €425 and €680 for non-personal, respectively.
  4. Primary school students benefit from more affordable rates, with monthly personal tickets for distances over 20 kilometers now available as flat-rate tickets at €32. Semi-annual and annual tickets are priced at €160 and €256 respectively.
  5. The weekly personal ticket and the monthly one-way personal ticket are now discontinued.

All the updated SŽ ticket prices and revised Passenger Tariff conditions have been in effect since 11th August 2023.

Source: Slovenske železnice