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Slovenian Railways: Further modernization of the fleet, increased comfort and emphasis on tourism

Slovenian Railways: Further modernization of the fleet, increased comfort and emphasis on tourism
photo: Slovenia railways press materials/Illustrative picture
24 / 03 / 2022

On March 21, 2022, an expert consultation "Towards a new boom in Slovenian tourism" was held, attended by representatives of Slovenian Railways.

The development of the tourism industry is linked to the passenger carriers' collaboration with local and tourist communities, their interaction, cohesive work, and joint activities to ensure maximum comfort for visitors. To this end, the Ministry of Regional Development and Trade, the Public Tourism Institute of Nova Gorica and the Vipava Valley, and the Slovenian Tourist Board organized an expert consultation to discuss urgent issues.

Mag. Darja Kocjan, Slovenian Railways director of passenger transportation, said: "For us, cooperation with local communities is crucial. The number of passengers carried on Slovenian Railways' domestic and international services has generally been increasing in recent years, with a noticeable break in 2020, when we, like all European countries, saw a decline in passenger numbers. As a society, we are increasingly aware that having many cars in one house is not the best choice for our wallets and the environment. Driving a car requires our full attention and exposes us to more danger on the road, while time spent on the train can be used for resting, reading, working on the computer, the phone, etc. And with the new trains, we have taken the travel experience to an even higher level of quality. We are optimistic about the future and believe that the use of public transport and eco-tourism will grow, but, of course, this must be accompanied by an extended and user-friendly offer."

Slovenian Railways (abbreviated SŽ in the original version) provide transportation in Slovenia on more than 1,200 km of railway lines. The traffic is not too heavy by the standards of the Czech Republic, with the bulk of the traffic passing between Ljubljana and Maribor.

In 2019, Slovenian Railways signed a contract with Stadler Rail as part of a project to extensively modernize its fleet. The plan is to add 52 new trains to the fleet this year, including 21 Flirt, 10 Kiss, and another 21 Flirt in diesel version. In January, the fleet put the Stadler Kiss electric train into service on the route between Ljubljana, the capital, and Litija. The modern units make boarding and disembarking easier for people with reduced mobility. They have a retractable step and an additional mobile ramp for wheelchair users. There is a modern passenger information system, which is adapted for blind and partially sighted, deaf, and hard of hearing passengers.

Thus, the Slovenian operator expects passengers' interest in travel and tourism to increase due to the new trains, which provide fast and comfortable transportation.

There is no doubt that strategically, the Slovenian carrier is moving towards tourism development, both inside and outside the country.