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Siemens Mobility Secures Mega Deal: 75 Mireo Trains for Central German S-Bahn

Siemens Mobility Secures Mega Deal: 75 Mireo Trains for Central German S-Bahn
photo: Siemens Mobility / Public domain/Mireo
19 / 12 / 2023

Siemens Mobility has won an order for the delivery of 75 Mireo trains for the “Central German S-Bahn Network 2025+” (MDSB 2025+) project with an order volume of approximately €500 million. All in all, 41 three-car Mireo trains were ordered by the operators of Die Länderbahn DLB, and 18 four-car Mireo trains as well as 16 two-car battery-powered Mireo Plus B trains by DB Regio AG.

Joint commissioning bodies for the overall MDSB 2025+ network are the Zweckverband für den Nahverkehrsraum Leipzig (ZVNL) in cooperation with the special-purpose Saxon transportation associations Verkehrsverbund Mittelsachsen (ZVMS) and Verkehrsverbund Vogtland (ZVV) as well as the Thuringian Ministry of Infrastructure and Agriculture (TMIL) and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Digital Affairs (MID) of the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

Siemens Mobility / Public domain

"The ZVNL and its partners in the Central German S-Bahn network have high expectations for the use of these modern, environmentally friendly vehicles. We are hoping for a high level of acceptance, which will be reflected in rising passenger numbers," says Kai Emanuel, Chairman of the ZVNL association.

“Our Mireo train is a proven success model that contributes to a high level of passenger comfort and satisfaction. We are delighted to have received the order for 75 Mireo trains for the Central German S-Bahn Network. It is our largest Mireo order to date,” said Gerhard Greiter, CEO of North East and Eastern Europe at Siemens Mobility. "The Leipzig transport hub is one of the most important in the Central German metropolitan region. With the delivery of the Mireo trains, we are enabling greater flexibility for public transport in Central Germany, higher capacity per train, and more comfort for passengers. This order marks a further step towards achieving a transition in rail transport: By offering more space, better equipment and features, and higher operating frequency, rail transport is becoming more and more attractive.”

The trains will cover a total of 10.6 million train kilometers a year in the MDSB network, and will operate on the following lines when operations start as planned in 2026:

4-car Mireo trains:

  • S 4: Torgau – Eilenburg – Taucha – Leipzig Hbf. (lower level) – Oschatz – Riesa
  • S 6: Leipzig-Stötteritz – Leipzig Hbf. (lower level) – Leipzig-Messe – Naumburg
  • S 10: Schkeuditz – Leipzig Hbf. (upper level)

3-car Mireo trains:

  • S 3: Geithain – Borna – Leipzig Hbf. (lower level) – Schkeuditz – Halle (S.) – Halle-Nietleben
  • S 5: Halle-Trotha – Halle (S.) – Flughafen Leipzig/Halle – Leipzig Hbf. (lower level) – Altenburg – Gößnitz – Glauchau/Werdau – Zwickau
  • S 5x: Halle-Trotha – Halle (S.) – Flughafen Leipzig/Halle – Leipzig Hbf. (lower level) – Altenburg – Werdau – Zwickau/Plauen

2-car Mireo Plus B battery-powered trains:

  • S1: Leipzig- Miltitzer Allee - Leipzig Hbf. (lower level) – Leipzig Stötteritz –Borsdorf – Grimma – Döbeln

The new trains

The new trains offer 100 seats in the two-car version, 150 seats in the three-car configuration, and 200 seats in the four-car variant. Each of the trains also provides spacious multi-purpose areas and a separate 1st class section with leather seats. Passenger comfort and convenience are also enhanced by free WiFi service, a family area, barrier-free access and travel, and the quiet motion of the train. Numerous power sockets and USB ports ensure that device batteries can be kept charged during journeys, and suitable smartphones can be charged wirelessly at the four-person tables. A real-time passenger information system displays current arrival and departure times as well as connection options at the respective stops. The trains are also equipped with special high-frequency window panes developed by Siemens Mobility that significantly improve mobile phone reception underway. The Mireos in the MDSB2025+ network also has significantly more doors than in the past, making boarding and alighting easier and helping ensure shorter passenger changeovers and closer adherence to the timetable.

Energy efficiency up to 25 percent higher than in trains with similar capacities and reliability ensures climate-friendly mobility.

By choosing the Mireo platform, which offers both electric and battery-powered trains for the Central German S-Bahn network, the ZVLN is counting on the experience, efficiency, and synergy effects the network will gain from the standardized train platform.

To date, Siemens Mobility has sold 22 Mireo fleets with a total of over 400 trains. The fleet has proven to be especially reliable after more than 50 million kilometers of service. In addition to standard overhead line trains, the Mireo platform also offers battery- or hydrogen-powered variants and enables climate-friendly mobility by operating at up to 25 percent higher energy efficiency than trains with similar capacities. Moreover, the trains are up to 95 percent recyclable. The latest version of the platform is the Mireo Smart, which is available with a very short delivery time of 18 months at an attractive price and also with alternative drive options.

Source: Siemens Mobility