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Siemens Mobility and Czech Railways Extend Their Long-Standing Cooperation

Siemens Mobility and Czech Railways Extend Their Long-Standing Cooperation
photo: ČD / Public domain/Siemens Vectron
22 / 01 / 2024

Czech Railways, Siemens Mobility, and its subsidiary DPOV have signed a new cooperation agreement in the field of service.

This agreement introduces a new approach to the maintenance of Vectron locomotives, combining both companies' service, technical, and technological capabilities. The main objective is to ensure efficient and quality maintenance, from preventive measures to higher levels of revision maintenance.

"The cooperation with Siemens Mobility is a key step to improve our market position and increase the quality of our services. The new Vectron locomotives represent a significant step forward in the modernization of our fleet of vehicles. We will offer our passengers higher reliability of our trains and greater driving dynamics, and therefore a better travel experience," commented Michal Krapinec, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of ČD. "This contract fulfills ČD's service strategy aimed at increasing efficiency and quality of service. ČD's repair strategy represents a major step towards modernizing and strengthening the company's internal capabilities. Thanks to these measures, we will be able to carry out repairs more efficiently and quickly and ensure high-quality vehicle servicing," adds Michal Krapinec.

ČD / Public domain

With today's signing, ČD and Siemens Mobility continue their long-standing good cooperation. ČD was the first carrier to order fifty interoperable Siemens Vectron MS multi-system electric locomotives for 230 km/h in March 2022. The new-generation Vectrons will be delivered by Siemens in stages from December 2025. With a maximum operating speed of 230 km/h, they are ready for deployment on conventional and high-speed lines. Czech Railways plans to operate these machines on interstate connections to Germany, Austria, Denmark, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland.

Michal Kraus, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and Deputy Director General of ČD for Service, adds: "By cooperating with Siemens Mobility, we will gain access to the latest technology in the maintenance of Vectron locomotives, which will benefit not only our company but also our customers. We are building on our existing cooperation with Siemens Mobility and the leasing companies ELL and RSL, which lease us previous versions of Siemens Vectron locomotives and whose machines are already being maintained by technicians at the Maintenance Centre in Prague-Vršovice. Our people are thus already very familiar with the maintenance of high-end railway technology and can further expand their professional level. At the same time, the requirements for maintenance of the most modern locomotives motivate us to modernize our service facilities further."

ČD / Public domain

Roman Kokšal, CEO of Siemens Mobility in the Czech Republic, said, "The extension of our cooperation with the Czech Railways Group in the area of vehicle maintenance will enable Siemens Mobility to add additional locations in the Czech Republic to its European rolling stock service network, where it will be possible to provide our customers with a complete service including the highest levels of maintenance with the highest added value. I believe that this agreement will open up further opportunities for the Czech service team to work together on other vehicles manufactured by our company."

As part of the signed agreement, Siemens Mobility will provide the national carrier with systemic and methodical supervision of the service activities, while ČD and DPOV will contribute their technological capacities, repair facilities, and professional staff. The cooperation represents a significant step towards achieving a higher standard of railway operation in the Czech Republic. Modern and reliable Vectron locomotives, together with an innovative approach to maintenance, not only bring improvements for passengers but also increase the overall efficiency and sustainability of rail transport.


Source: Czech Railways Press Release