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RENFE will purchase 211 large-capacity suburban trains

RENFE will purchase 211 large-capacity suburban trains
photo: commuter
15 / 03 / 2021

Spanish state railways RENFE announced the signing of a contract for the supply of 211 large-capacity units for suburban and commuter passenger transport. These will be Cercanias trains. The delivery is divided into two parts. One will be provided by ALSTOM in 152 units and the other by Stadler Rail Valencia, which will supply 59 units.

RENFE has announced its € 2.445 billion agreement with Alstom and Stadler at a time when there is a important discussion about the need to invest the money of the state and its companies in starting the economy, and indeed this goal is being pursued by RENFE itself. It plans to create approximately 52,000 jobs with a total investment to help kick-start the economy and maintain employment after the pandemic crisis. At the same time, the company announced another intention to purchase 40 high-speed long-distance trains. A tender is also being prepared for the supply of additional 81 Cercanias units to other regions and their suburban transport.

The notified agreement includes not only the delivery of units, but also the provision of regular deliveries of spare parts and tools. Furthermore, the implementation of 51% of maintenance for another 15 years. The remaining 49% of maintenance operations will be performed by RENFE through its subordinate service organization RENFE Fabrication y Mantenimiento. In this way, it will achieve the planned support of the domestic market as well as the provision of the latest technologies for the reliable maintenance of new units.

This step will certainly be welcomed by passengers and areas where the units will be deployed. Their operation will increase the transport capacity by 20%, which is 900 seats, will shorten the boarding and alighting time thanks to a comfortable and wide boarding space. The units are air conditioned and will include active air filters to minimize the transmission of droplet infections. All will be equipped as standard with Wi-Fi and a passenger information system. The space for bicycles and passengers with prams or wheelchairs will be expanded.

The whole agreement is based on an effort not only to support the economy, but the strategy for renewing the rolling stock fleet adopted by RENFE in 2019 and aims to operate Cercanias on at least 50% of the volume in the coming years.