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RegioSpiders to Feature Wi-Fi, Outlets, and Air Conditioning. Vehicles from Germany Set to Join Central Bohemian Railways

RegioSpiders to Feature Wi-Fi, Outlets, and Air Conditioning. Vehicles from Germany Set to Join Central Bohemian Railways
photo: České dráhy / Public domain/RegioSpiders to Feature Wi-Fi, Outlets, and Air Conditioning. Vehicles from Germany Set to Join Central Bohemian Railways
26 / 10 / 2023

Czech Railways (České dráhy) is enhancing passenger comfort on the less-traveled lines of the Central Bohemian Region, currently served by RegioShuttle RS1 motor units.

"We aim to provide our citizens with high-quality travel experiences, even on less busy routes in the eastern and southern parts of the region. On June 8th this year, the Central Bohemian Region Council approved a resolution to replace outdated, uncomfortable trains with modern, air-conditioned, and accessible trains on nearly all active regional lines in the coming years. Beyond the modern RegioFoxes and RegioPanters, we'll introduce another type of train in our region that aligns with 21st-century expectations for comfortable commutes to schools, work, medical appointments, or leisure activities," commented Petr Borecký, the Central Bohemian Region's councilor for public transport.

RegioShuttle RS1 / České dráhy / Public domain

"In early September, we finalized a purchase agreement for an additional 16 RegioShuttle RS 1 motor units with the international company, Heros. We intend to operate them in the Central Bohemian region. We've already acquired some units toward our goal of 34, and are in the process of procuring the rest. These units, previously in operation in Germany, are particularly suited for non-electrified or less busy lines. Before they're launched, they'll undergo a thorough refurbishment. Features will include a new accessible restroom, onboard Wi-Fi, 230 V electrical outlets, and USB ports for device charging, along with other equipment necessary for operation in the Czech Republic. Some of these upgrades will be overseen by the unit supplier, while others will be managed by our subsidiary, DPOV," explained Jiří Ješeta, board member and deputy general director for passenger transport. He added that they aim to introduce these units on Central Bohemian tracks by the latter half of the next year, with initial deployments around Benešov near Prague, replacing the likes of the 810 and 809 series locomotives. Their gradual rollout will continue into 2025 on lines in Mladoboleslavsk, Nymbursk, and Kolínsk.

Ultimately, RegioSpider motor units are planned to operate on several lines, including Benešov u Prahy – Vlašim, Benešov u Prahy – Olbramovice – Sedlčany, Olbramovice – Tábor, and others, spanning various regions.

The RegioShuttle RS 1 motor units, manufactured by ADtranz and later by Stadler Rail between 1996 and 2013, saw collaboration from the Prague-based company VUKV. Around 500 units were produced for use in both Germany and the Czech Republic. With a length of about 25 meters and weighing 43 tons, these units boast two engines with significant power output, outpacing the RegioNova units. Their design is inclusive, with 65% of the floor, including boarding areas, at the same level as modern platforms, facilitating accessibility. The vehicles are also prepped for ETCS equipment integration, anticipating future operational requirements.

Czech Railways named these units "RegioSpider" due to their ability to navigate even our country's steepest railways, like the Tanvald to Kořenov stretch. The first units were operational in 2011. With the acquisition of additional units from Germany, the RegioSpider fleet is expected to surpass a hundred vehicles, already serving in regions like Liberec and Pardubice, with plans for further expansion across various regions, replacing older engine units.

Source: Czech Railways