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RegioJet will start operating a new nightline in Poland during the spring

RegioJet will start operating a new nightline in Poland during the spring
08 / 01 / 2021

RegioJet, Europe's largest private passenger rail carrier, intends to expand its services in Poland. A new railway connection Prague - Ostrava - Krakow - Przemysł is planned to be introduced. This line should start operating this spring.

At the Przemysł station, the possibility of transfer to the connecting RegioJet and Ukrainian partner carrier to Lviv should be guaranteed.

The exact start date of this line is not yet known. It is expected to be at the turn of March and April 2021. However, the Covid-19 pandemic also has a major impact on the launch of the line.

"Entering the Polish market has been in our plans for a long time. Passengers will have the full range of services on board on the new routes as they know it from other connections, including free coffee, internet connection, and other services," told Radim Jančura, owner of RegioJet, to Czech media.

In addition to this connection, RegioJet offers passengers transport connections on other busy routes, Prague - Ostrava, Prague - Vienna, Prague - Bratislava, or Prague - Košice. These connections are used by 15 million passengers a year. One of the reasons to choose RegioJet’s trains is the quality on-board services provided by the stewards.

In the summer, RegioJet plans to reopen a railway line from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to Croatia, which was popular with tourists in the summer of 2020.