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Redevelopment of Warszawa Zachodnia Is Blooming: More Visual Information for Passengers

Redevelopment of Warszawa Zachodnia Is Blooming: More Visual Information for Passengers
photo: PKP S.A./Redevelopment of Warszawa Zachodnia Is Blooming: More Visual Information for Passengers
05 / 02 / 2023

Travellers at Warszawa Zachodnia station are benefiting from additional visual information. There are nearly 100 new displays and screens with timetables. The public address system is changing positively. More equipment will be added as the work progresses. The redevelopment of Warszawa Zachodnia is an investment carried out by PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. with the participation of EU funds under the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment.

Passengers at Warszawa Zachodnia station can benefit from additional timetable information thanks to installed displays, boards and timetable screens. So far, 94 devices have been installed on the four active platforms No. 2, 6, 7 and 8. A new, more audible voice announcement system has also been launched. The new devices provide a better presentation of information on journeys from the upgraded platforms.

The displays are mounted at each platform edge. Timetable information kiosks and screens are installed in the middle of the platforms and present the 17 nearest train connections from the Warszawa Zachodnia station. The system (dynamic passenger information system) also includes voice announcements integrated with the messages on the displays. In the event of changes to the timetable, the system is updated so that passengers receive current information.

Gradually, as work progresses at the station, new equipment will be installed on further rebuilt platforms, in the subway and on the new footbridge. Ultimately, PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. has envisaged 475 displays, boards and info kiosks.

Once the system has been expanded with more devices and they have been tested, they will be launched in the target mode upon completion of the modernisation of the Warszawa Zachodnia station. Until then, the message "system test" will be visible. We, therefore, ask travellers to check connections additionally in the timetables, on the portal or on the Passenger Portal application.

When the modernisation of Warsaw West is completed, there will be:

  • 16 large boards,
  • 168 edge displays with train departures,
  • 52 platform displays in the tunnel and on the footbridge,
  • 1055 loudspeakers,
  • 71 screens (info kiosks)
  • 168 displays with the nearest train arrivals and departures.

Works in all sectors

Work is underway on the dismantling of platforms 5, 4 and 3. The contractor is preparing the ground for the construction of a concrete slab on which the new facilities will be built, and underneath – another part of the subway that will connect all the platforms. 

Three railway viaducts, several hundred metres long, are being built on the western side of the station. Tracks and turnouts are being laid, and the overhead catenary is being strung. The new solution will improve rail travel in the Warsaw agglomeration. From March, there will be a train connection from Radom towards, among others, the Warszawa Koło and Młynów stops on the ring line.

Below the station level, floors are being laid in the pedestrian tunnel between platform No. 9 and platform No. 6, and walls are being finished.

What will West Warsaw be like? 

West Warsaw is changing and will provide greater accessibility and the expected travel comfort. All platforms will be covered. Escalators, lifts, a dynamic information system and wide passageways will facilitate access to trains. It will be easier to combine rail and public transport. Safe management of rail traffic will be ensured by modern equipment and computer systems. Agglomeration and long-distance crossings will be made more efficient. Engineering facilities, kilometres of installations, around 36 km of track, 130 switches and the catenary network are being comprehensively rebuilt.

The project Works on the Warsaw cross-city line on the section Warsaw East - Warsaw West is worth approx. PLN 2 billion net.

Source: PKP S.A.