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Record-holding trains from Stadler ordered again by DB Regio

Record-holding trains from Stadler ordered again by DB Regio
photo: József Süveg/Wikipedia/Record-holding trains from Stadler ordered again by DB Regio
21 / 02 / 2022

The third supply contract for battery-operated trains for Stadler. DB Regio orders more trains of the FLIRT Battery type. Deutsche Bahn plans to use battery trains from Stadler in the so-called H-network in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to service these routes completely emission-free.

The two-part vehicles for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern will go into passenger service from December 2026. The two-part FLIRT Akku vehicles are also going to be used on the H-network Warnow. It has a service scope of 1.5 million train kilometers a year and covers the routes of the RB11 between Wismar - Rostock - Tessin and the RB12 between Bad Doberan - Rostock - Graal-Müritz.

“With this new order for battery-operated vehicles from the Deutsche Bahn, we have further consolidated our market leadership in the field of alternative drives. Since 2019, Stadler has sold 113 vehicles with alternative drive technologies in Germany. It makes us very proud that our FLIRT Akku not only makes an ecological and innovative contribution to climate-friendly traffic policies but also significantly boosts efficiency. If we consider the average life of a rail vehicle of around 30 years, battery-operated vehicles are more cost-effective than diesel-operated trains, ”said Jure Mikolčić, CEO of Stadler in Germany.

With 224 driven kilometers in pure battery mode, the FLIRT Akku holds the world record for the longest journey by a regional train in pure battery mode without additional charging. The FLIRT Akku is a single-story, easily customized regional train. Its vehicle concept is largely based on the already approved and tested electrical trains FLIRT.