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Reconstruction of Toruń East Railway Station Takes Off, PKP Informs

Reconstruction of Toruń East Railway Station Takes Off, PKP Informs
photo: PKP/Reconstruction of Toruń East Railway Station Takes Off, PKP Informs
06 / 11 / 2022

Comfortable, meeting modern travel service standards, and rebuilt with attention to detail and historical character - this is what the Toruń East train station will be by 2024. PKP S.A. has handed over the construction site to the contractor.

The investment carried out as part of the Station Investment Program for 2016-2023 has just begun. Thanks to it, the neo-Gothic Toruń Wschodni railway station, built in 1909, will regain its historical splendour. The facade, along with the architectural details on it, will undergo renovation. It will retain its character and will be cleaned. It is also planned to fill in the defects in the brickwork and the stairs at the front of the building, as well as to replace the window and door woodwork with a recreated one based on the historical one. Depending on the inspection carried out during the project, coats of arms on the facade and the giant stained-glass window above the building's main entrance will be restored.

However, the reconstruction of the station is not only a positive change in its external appearance. The interior has been completely redesigned, combining modern styling with historical details. The lobby of Toruń Wschodni station, which after reconstruction will also serve as a waiting room, will gain a new expression. One will be able to get from it to the ticket office hall, located on the right side of the entrance. In the lobby, the wooden lining of the walls will be restored. The stained glass windows at both ends of the station hall will undergo renovation. The halls will get new ergonomic benches, modern, stylish lighting, display cases with timetables, as well as electronic boards of train arrivals and departures. There will also be new toilets and a room for a caregiver with a child. A mezzanine space for rent has also been located on the first floor of the station, as well as part of a hostel, which will be located on the first floor of the building.

"The just-launched redevelopment of Torun East is further evidence of how railroads in our country are changing. Before our eyes, not only railroad stations but railroad lines and passenger trains are undergoing a positive transformation. This is important, as public transportation is a crucial element of any modern country," says Maciej Małecki, secretary of state at the Ministry of State Assets.

"The commencement of the reconstruction of Toruń Wschodni railroad station is another element of the great modernization of Polish railroads. The residents of Toruń will thus gain access to safe and comfortable rail infrastructure. I hope the modernized historic station building will become one of the city's landmarks and make it easier for passengers to travel by rail in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian region. All of this is thanks to the Station Investment Program, within the framework of which the Polish government will allocate more than PLN 2 billion for the modernization of nearly 200 train stations by 2023," says Andrzej Bittel, secretary of state at the Ministry of Infrastructure.

"Toruń East railway station is the first of two investments in Toruń where we are starting construction work. We are also planning to rebuild Toruń Miasto Station so that all important railroad station buildings in the city will be modernized. Thanks to the investments we are carrying out, travellers will gain aesthetically pleasing and comfortable stations, and historic buildings will regain their historic beauty," says Ireneusz Maślany, a member of the PKP S.A. management board.

In addition to improving aesthetics, the station reconstruction means crucial changes for travellers with limited mobility. The building will become more accessible to all groups of travellers thanks to the elimination of architectural barriers and the introduction of several improvements. Among them are tactile boards with station plans, signage in Braille, guide paths for the blind and visually impaired, hearing aid amplification devices at ticket windows, and lowering the tops of ticket windows for people in wheelchairs. Elevators will also appear in the building.

Thanks to the investment, Toruń East Station will become more environmentally friendly. New lighting will be energy-efficient and controlled by automation. Insulation of the building from the inside, new window and door frames and air curtains will reduce heat loss and provide comfort to travellers. A rainwater collection tank will be built at the station, and the resulting water will be used to flush the station's toilets. BMS (Building Management System) will supervise the operation of equipment and systems in the building, which will help optimize electricity, heat and water consumption.

The immediate surroundings of the station will also transform. The investment will include the renovation of the nearby administrative building, which, after renovation and adaptation to new functions, will house a hostel and a catering establishment with a summer garden. A new parking lot with 19 spaces, including two for people with disabilities and two for electric cars, will be built on the eastern side of the station buildings. The arrangement of the space around the station will be complemented by new paving, elements of small architecture (lighting, benches, garbage cans) and greenery. New flower beds will be created on both sides of the entrance stairs leading to the station and in front of the administration building. It is planned to plant trees, shrubs and flowers there.

The cost of the reconstruction of the Toruń East station is 26.89 million zlotys gross. The investment is subsidized by funds from the state budget. The investor is Polskie Koleje Państwowe S.A., the reconstruction project was developed by Transprojekt Gdański sp. z o. o., and the contractor for the construction work is Budimex S.A. The planned date for opening the station to travellers after reconstruction is the second half of 2024.

The reconstruction of Toruń Wschodni and Toruń Miasto stations is part of the BiT City II project implemented by PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A., Polskie Koleje Państwowe S.A. and the City.

Source: PKP (Polskie Koleje Państwowe) Press Releases


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