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Reckless Mischief on the Rails: A Brush with Tragedy

Reckless Mischief on the Rails: A Brush with Tragedy
photo: Pixabay / Public domain/Reckless Mischief on the Rails: A Brush with Tragedy
07 / 11 / 2023

The idea of entertainment that seems fun but is actually lethal might baffle many, but a group of young individuals in Tábor, Czech Republic, decided to see for themselves.

The antics of two boys in Tábor almost resulted in a catastrophe a few days ago. A train traveling at 105 km/h could have easily derailed after they placed rocks on the tracks, now leading to a police investigation of a general threat to public safety. The Tábor police are seeking assistance from potential witnesses.

On Saturday afternoon around three o'clock, a pair of youths were seen placing stones on the railway at kilometer marker 80 in the Kopeček area, near Angela Kančeva Street in Tábor. "The investigation thus far suggests the act was perpetrated by two young men, approximately fifteen years old, both of medium build. One was dressed in gray and had a bag slung over his shoulder, while the other wore gray sweatpants and a blue sweatshirt," reported Lenka Pokorná, the Tábor police spokesperson.

The police are urging this duo to present themselves at the police station at 212 Divadelní Street in Tábor. They may also offer their account over the phone via the Tábor police department's lines or the emergency number 158. "We also request that any witnesses who noticed suspicious activity or who observed the individuals placing the stones on the railway to come forward with any vital information to the contacts provided," added Lenka Humble.

Investigators in the Pilsen region addressed a similar incident in mid-July when an obstruction on the main line between Pilsen and Germany halted traffic for over two hours. That case was suspended after an exhaustive three-month investigation. "We had to suspend the case as it was not possible to pinpoint the culprit," explained police spokeswoman Dagmar Brožová.