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Quiz: Do You Know the World's Most Bizarre Trains?

Quiz: Do You Know the World's Most Bizarre Trains?
photo: berny-s / Flickr/Bridge
14 / 12 / 2023

The railway doesn't have to be just a straight line that occasionally turns to the side. There are trains that pass through bizarre and often dangerous places. Who would have thought that a passenger in India should avoid a storm while traveling by train, or in Thailand, move to the side when shopping upon hearing a train horn.

Pamban Bridge over the Indian Ocean

Opened in 1914, the railway route with the Pamban Bridge was the first sea bridge in India. Located in Tamil Nadu, it connects the Indian mainland with Rameshwaram on Pamban Island. The Manamadurai-Rameswaram route is part of this railway, near the legendary Adam's Bridge. Trains often face unfavorable strong winds and wild waves at sea.

Pamban bridge / James A / Flickr

The bridge spans more than 2 km and the rails are located just 12.5 meters above sea level. Constructed in two years by 600 workers, the bridge is built on the seabed of the Indian Ocean and is supported by almost 145 concrete pillars. In the central part, there is a lifting platform under which smaller ships pass. The Indian Ministry of Railways has launched a new Pamban Railway Bridge alongside the old one, which is the country's first vertical sea bridge.

Gowri Shankar Panneer Selvam / Flickr

Over the years, the bridge has faced many issues, mainly due to its corrosive environment. In 1964, a devastating storm killed hundreds when Cyclone Rameswaram hit the area, creating huge waves that derailed a passenger train from the track. Tragically, no one on board survived.

Train to the Clouds in Salta, Argentina

Villa Nougués / Flickr

This extraordinary train runs through Salta province in northwest Argentina. It's a tourist railway that climbs to an altitude of 4220 meters above sea level. The bridge rises up to 70 meters above the river, allowing passengers to almost touch the "clouds."

The train passes through 29 bridges, 21 tunnels, 13 viaducts, 2 loops, and 2 zigzags. During the trip, passengers can enjoy the beautiful landscape and an unforgettable experience of the sights.

Maeklong Railway Market

Simon Heiniger / Flickr

This traditional Thai market, known for fresh food, vegetables, and fruits, is located in Samut Songkhram province, southwest of Bangkok. It's unique because a train line runs through the center of the market. Minutes before the train's arrival, vendors lower their umbrellas and move some products away from the tracks, while others remain on the ground and the train passes directly over them.

How does it all work? As soon as people hear the train horn, they retreat or go into the nearest shop. Although the train moves through the market very slowly, it's still a dangerous shopping experience where everyone must be careful.