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Polish national carrier PKP Intercity are investing billions in the renewal of technology

Polish national carrier PKP Intercity are investing billions in the renewal of technology
photo: 160 PKP Intercity
17 / 03 / 2021

Last year, despite problems due to a global pandemic, the Polish national carrier PKP Intercity managed to invest in new technology. For example, it bought brand new electric locomotives and more than 130 modernized cars. And he does not intend to ease significant spending on the vehicle fleet this year either.

The largest investment program in the history of the Polish carrier PKP Intercity is already coming with revenues. The company bought modern technology for more than 7 billion zlotys, despite the fact that, like all European carriers, it was affected by the coronavirus restrictions and the associated loss of passengers and demand for transport. The aim is to modernize and purchase new coaches and further improve passenger comfort.

"The epidemic has halted the trend of increasing the number of passengers that we have observed on the railways in recent years," admitted the Minister of Polish Infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk. "Well-thought-out and consistently implemented investments are necessary for a rapid return to growth. Thanks to them, the Polish railways have become safe, comfortable and predictable, "the minister emphasized.

In two years, after the end of the program, the fleet should be upgraded by 80 percent. In addition to the purchase of thirty new EU 160 Griffin locomotives from Newag, restaurant cars and about 130 modernized passenger cars in Pesa Bydgoszcz, PKP IC will buy 12 new electric units this year and modernize another 14 this year. Furthermore, the company prepared contracts for the purchase of 118 new electric locomotives, the modernization of 200 existing diesel and electric machines, the modernization of approximately 700 passenger coaches and the purchase of 185 completely new ones. In addition, the carrier plans to sign contracts for the purchase of 10 shunting diesel locomotives and is negotiating with potential manufacturers regarding the supply of push-pull trains. Once the exact vehicle specification has been drawn up, it will invite potential suppliers to submit tenders.

As for the Griffins, they are electric locomotives with a speed of 160 km / h. On the other hand, almost 130 passenger coaches modernized in Pesa are equipped with air conditioning, electrical outlets, internet connection via wi-fi and Braille labels. The carrier also received 10 restaurant cars modernized by H. Cegielski in Poznan. Passengers have 12 tables and 36 seats. The cars are air conditioned and passengers can again use the free internet connection. In addition, the first wagons from the contract for 81 new cars manufactured by Cegielski will arrive in the fleet this year. Modern cars are adapted to a speed of 200 km / h and will be included in Express InterCity (EIC) train sets.