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PKP S.A. Announces the Construction of Two Stations in Pionki. What Metamorphosis Will They Undergo?

PKP S.A. Announces the Construction of Two Stations in Pionki. What Metamorphosis Will They Undergo?
photo: PKP S.A./PKP S.A. Announces the Construction of Two Stations in Pionki. What Metamorphosis Will They Undergo?
26 / 11 / 2022

Two stations in Pionki are already under construction. The first is historic and looks like a small palace, while the second was built after the war and has a very minimalist form and body. Pionki and Pionki Zachodnie railway stations, as they are referred to, will undergo a huge metamorphosis. The first construction works have started on them.

Both projects are being carried out as part of the Station Investment Program with European Union funding from the Operational Program Infrastructure and Environment. Work on both began in the autumn of this year and is focused on performing preparatory and organizational work before the start of the main construction work.

"The reconstruction of the Pionki stations is part of a larger process aimed at modernizing railroads in Poland. Thanks to investments in rail infrastructure and rolling stock, railroads are playing an increasingly important role in public transportation, which is the hallmark of any modern state, says Maciej Małecki, secretary of state at the Ministry of State Assets.

"The start of the reconstruction of two train stations in Pionki is another element of the great modernization of the Polish railroad. Residents of yet another small town will thus gain access to safe and comfortable railroad infrastructure. I hope that the modernized historic station buildings will become landmarks of the city and will make it easier for passengers to travel by rail in the Mazovian province. All this is thanks to the Railway Station Investment Program, under which the Polish government will allocate more than PLN 2 billion for the modernization of nearly 200 railway stations by 2023," says Andrzej Bittel, secretary of state at the Ministry of Infrastructure.

"The Pionki and Pionki Zachodnie railway stations are other investments we are starting this fall in the Mazovian province. They are completely different stations. The first one dates back to 1925 and was built in the manor house style. The second, on the other hand, was built in the 1950s and will get a modern look after the investment. What they have in common is that after reconstruction they will become comfortable, safe, and accessible to all travelers," says Ireneusz Maślany, a member of the board of directors at PKP S.A.

Historic with a touch of modernity

The reconstruction of the Pionki railway station involves the renovation of the historic building, which is under conservation protection. It was built in 1925 and is an example of the court style in station architecture. Thanks to the investment, the facade will be restored to its historic appearance and color scheme. It will regain its pearl-white color, and the historically stylized woodwork will be painted green. Architectural details such as roof attics will also be restored, and exterior stairs will be repaired. At the top of the facade on the city side, the 1920s PKP symbol will be restored. In an analogous place on the side of the platforms will appear the emblem of the Second Republic of Poland with the date of construction of the station, 1925. The station in its new appearance will also gain illumination highlighting its unique body.

The interior of the station will combine history with modernity. The first floor will house a spacious lobby. Its décor will retain historic elements, such as cream-colored flooring with red inserts, two columns, and wooden paneling on the walls. An interesting feature will be the historic tiled stove, which will also undergo renovation. The lobby of the reconstructed station will be fully air-conditioned and will be equipped with, among other things, benches, electronic boards for train arrivals and departures, and a touchscreen map of the station. On the first floor, travelers will still find restrooms and a small commercial space. Meanwhile, the first floor of the building, which will be accessed by elevator and staircase, will house a wedding hall with facilities.

The surroundings of the Pionki train station will also change. A bicycle shelter will be built near the building on the side of the platforms, which will accommodate 14 single-track vehicles. Also planned in the vicinity of the station is the installation of new benches, baskets, lighting, and the laying of new sidewalks.

The old station in a new look

The complete opposite of the Pionki station is the second of the stations to be rebuilt - Pionki Zachodnie. It was built in the 1950s and will dramatically change its appearance. The façade will gain a more modern character, thanks to the light color of the plaster, with which anthracite-colored facade louvers will harmonize on the first floor. New on the facades will be letters with the name of the station, illuminated in white, as well as clocks on the facades on the side of the city and platforms. The body of the building will be extended on the first floor on the side of the platforms with an outdoor waiting room in the form of a shed with glazing on two sides. An extension of the waiting room will be an air-conditioned lobby. It will be equipped with benches, garbage cans, display cases with timetables, as well as electronic boards of train arrivals and departures. Adjacent to it will be the ticket office and restroom facilities. In turn, the first floor of the station will house a small commercial space for rent. A new feature of the building will be an elevator that will connect the two floors of the station.

Friendly and accessible stations

Thanks to the reconstruction, the Pionki and Pionki Zachodnie stations will become friendly to people with disabilities and the environment, but also safe. During the investment, architectural barriers will be eliminated and several improvements will be introduced to make the stations easier to use, including facilities for the visually impaired, such as guided paths, contrasting interior colors, and Braille signage. The buildings will also feature improvements for wheelchair users, including elevators and a lift (Pionki). The reconstruction of the stations also involves reducing the energy intensity of the buildings by implementing modern technical solutions, as well as an intelligent building management system (Building Management System). An important goal of the investment is also to improve security, so both facilities will be equipped with modern monitoring, access control, burglary, and assault signaling, and fire protection systems.

The reconstruction of the Pionki and Pionki Zachodni stations will cost PLN 10.59 million gross and PLN 3.96 million gross, respectively. The investor is Polskie Koleje Państwowe S.A. (Polish State Railways). The design documentation for the modernization of the Pionki railway station was prepared by An Archi Group Sp. z o.o. studio and the contractor for the construction work are Korporacja Budowlana DARCO Dariusz Żak. The project for the reconstruction of the Pionki Zachodnie station was made by SAFEGE S.A.S. S.A., and the construction work is carried out by a consortium of companies - TWD-BUD Toczyłowski Sp. k. and WIMAKS HIÑCZA Sp. k. The planned opening date for the stations after reconstruction is the end of 2023.

Source: PKP S.A. Press Releases