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PKP Intercity Wraps 2022 with Intensive Travels

PKP Intercity Wraps 2022 with Intensive Travels
photo: PKP Intercity/PKP Intercity Wraps 2022 with Intensive Travels
10 / 01 / 2023

During the Christmas and New Year period, PKP Intercity trains were very popular, with over two million passengers travelling on their trains. In 2022, there was a record interest in rail travel, with new ticket offers and the development of sales channels playing a significant role. The Cheap with Relatives offer was a hit in 2022, with more than 4.1 million passengers using it. However, extensive construction work in Italy means that a connection from Bologna via Florence to Rome cannot be offered from June to September 2023.

The Promo offer was extended to all train categories in May 2022, resulting in a significant increase in interest in PKP Intercity's services. Thanks to a dynamic price management system, it has become possible to travel at lower prices than before. The availability of individual promotional tickets depends on the popularity of the train in question, but tickets for connections of all categories are now divided according to five promotion levels. The Taniej z Bliskimi offer, aimed at families and small groups, allowed even two people travelling together to purchase tickets 30% cheaper. Passengers entitled to statutory discounts could also take advantage of the promotion by combining the offer with a discount. The new ticket offers contributed to the continuation of the upward trend in train attendance, with the highest attendance in the history of PKP Intercity being recorded in August 2022

PKP Intercity is making purchasing tickets for train connections even easier by introducing digital solutions. Tickets are now available in the mPay application and e-podróż, and another partner, KOLEO, offers the possibility of purchasing tickets in the application and on the website. A new online sales system, e-IC 2.0, will be available in the last quarter of 2024, offering travellers a new graphic design and purchase path. It will also suggest and select the best offer for travellers based on fare conditions and determine the most likely concessions for that age range. Quiet Zones have also been introduced on PesaDARTs and Flirts trains, providing a dedicated area on the train for travellers who need quiet and respect, and those who want to travel in peace.