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PKP Intercity Ushers in a New Era of Ticket Sales with e-IC 2.0

PKP Intercity Ushers in a New Era of Ticket Sales with e-IC 2.0
photo: PKP Intercity/PKP Intercity Ushers in a New Era of Ticket Sales with e-IC 2.0
14 / 10 / 2023

PKP Intercity has unveiled its new sales system: e-IC 2.0. This suite of both functional and graphic solutions is designed to enhance user experience on the carrier's website, making ticket purchases more intuitive and user-friendly. The beta version of this system became available on October 11.

Following the success of its mobile application, PKP Intercity is taking another monumental stride in expanding its remote sales channels. With the launch of this revamped system, which is set to replace the existing e-IC eventually, passengers will be able to enjoy a whole new ticket-purchasing experience.

PKP Intercity

The enhanced e-IC 2.0 system offers sought-after features such as return trip planning, customizable shopping profiles for frequent travel routes, and the option to add purchased tickets to personal calendars. Based on the passenger's date of birth, the platform recommends the most cost-effective discounts tailored to specific age groups.

Like its predecessor, e-IC 2.0 offers the metastatic feature, allowing passengers to enter just the destination city rather than a specific station. The system then suggests all available routes, detailing the departing tracks and platforms. Additional features include graphic seat reservations and crowd-level previews. Shortly, a shopping cart feature, season ticket purchases, and guest checkout options will be introduced.

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"For too long, the rail industry's leap into the 21st century was delayed. No longer will we tolerate stagnation. Following the success of our mobile app, we've now transformed our online sales platform. e-IC 2.0 marks a significant leap forward. We're confident in calling this a revolution for PKP Intercity. This overhaul reflects our dedication to providing passengers with a seamless, efficient, and intuitive ticket-buying experience," commented Tomasz Gontarz, vice president of PKP Intercity's management board.

The beta version is accessible to users with accounts on the former e-IC website or mobile app. As of now, guest purchases are disabled. Tickets previously bought will remain accessible across all versions of the sales systems.

Currently, the e-IC 2.0 beta version supports only domestic ticket purchases, including one-way and round-trip options for direct routes or those with a single transfer.

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Pioneering Online Rail Ticket Sales

Last December, PKP Intercity signed three pivotal contracts. The first centered on the development of e-IC 2.0, which users can experience today. More features are slated for gradual rollouts.

"PKP Informatyka stands as a beacon of modernity in the IT realm, adept at pioneering rail sector innovations. The new sales platform exemplifies our commitment to continuous improvement across passenger and freight transport, infrastructure, and cybersecurity domains. In the coming years, PKP Intercity will roll out state-of-the-art, passenger-centric solutions that meet, if not exceed, European benchmarks. We aim to guarantee top-tier rail service standards," stated Tadeusz Turzyński, president of PKP Informatyka's management board.

The other two contracts revolve around the Central Sales System, specifically the technology's licensing, implementation, maintenance, and Reservation Service. Alongside e-IC 2.0, these form the foundation of PKP Intercity's ticket sales framework. PKP Informatyka will oversee system maintenance for five years post-launch. Following this, PKP Intercity can either assume maintenance duties or extend the existing contract. The perpetual license was secured for an aggregate contract value exceeding PLN 143 million.

Source: PKP Intercity