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PKP Intercity Unifies Its Promotional Offer for All Trains: Now Also for IC and TLK

PKP Intercity Unifies Its Promotional Offer for All Trains: Now Also for IC and TLK
photo: PKP Intercity/PKP Intercity Unifies Its Promotional Offer for All Trains: Now Also for IC and TLK
02 / 05 / 2022

Polish transport company PKP Intercity has unveiled a new, unified Promo offer, which from May 5th, 2022, will be available for all train categories, including InterCity (IC) and Your Railway Lines (TLK) economy trains. Tickets will be available in five promo tiers, which will make tickets go on sale at lower prices than they have been so far.

Promo has five price tiers: Super Promo, Promo Plus, Promo 45 (tickets 45% cheaper than the base price), Promo 30 (30% cheaper) and Promo 15 (15% cheaper). The offer is already valid on fast trains, i.e. Express InterCity Premium (EIP) and Express InterCity (EIC) trains. Discounts are calculated based on base prices, which remain the same.

"The purpose of our promotions is to offer passengers a real benefit that will encourage them to choose trains over other means of transport. In this case, it is a journey at the best price possible. The new Promo offer creates a uniform, generally accessible system of promotions for passengers of all PKP Intercity trains. It also gives a wide range of possibilities when choosing a connection - sometimes it is enough to choose a train with a slightly less popular hour to buy a much cheaper ticket. Such solutions are common in Western Europe. In the adopted strategy of development of PKP Intercity until 2030, we have planned numerous activities leading the company towards modern, highest standards. The dynamic price management system is one of such solutions that we are introducing, realizing our strategy," explains Tomasz Gontarz, Member of the Board of PKP Intercity.

This way, the unified Promo offer will make PKP Intercity tickets available to a wider public at lower prices. For example, from Warsaw to Krakow, Tricity, Katowice or Poznan (the most popular routes), ticket prices start at just 19 PLN! A trip from Warsaw to Lodz, Lublin. or Białystok can cost as little as 14 zlotys.

It is important to note that from May 5, the availability of individual promotional tickets will depend on the popularity of each train, thanks to the fact that PKP Intercity will manage the number of promotional tickets at certain threshold prices, depending on, among other things, the predicted attendance, routes of trips or departure times. Previously, it depended on how far in advance a passenger bought a ticket.

"Promo offers are a viable response to how we plan trips. There is always a group of travellers who want to buy tickets in advance. At the same time, more and more people are taking a flexible approach to travel planning and holding off on buying tickets until the last days or even hours before departure. We have strived to prepare a good offer for everyone considering travelling on our trains. Now, tickets at promotional prices for all PKP Intercity trains will be available at various stages of sales - after the launch, a dozen or so days before the journey, and a few days before the train departure. Promotional tickets can even be purchased on the day of the journey," adds Tomasz Gontarz.