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PKP Intercity Revamps 'Cheaper with Relatives' Offer Amid Passenger Surge

PKP Intercity Revamps 'Cheaper with Relatives' Offer Amid Passenger Surge
photo: PKP Intercity / Public domain/PKP Intercity
08 / 12 / 2023

PKP Intercity is revising its popular "Cheaper with Relatives" offer to enhance travel planning efficiency and better utilize its rolling stock. Effective December 12, tickets under this program will require purchase at least three days before departure.

The surge in passenger numbers, particularly during peak travel times like holidays and long weekends, has outpaced the capacity of standard train configurations. This challenge has prompted PKP Intercity to deploy additional and strengthened trains. The new ticketing policy is expected to facilitate more efficient planning for train reinforcements and additional services. Previously, last-minute enhancements led to unpredictability and impacted punctuality. The advance planning encouraged by the new policy will allow for better seating arrangements, especially for groups traveling together.

PKP Intercity / Public domain

This decision aims to streamline travel planning and improve resource management. Despite this change, all other terms of the offer, which has been utilized by 14.5 million passengers since July 2022, remain the same. PKP Intercity's adjustment aligns with its record-breaking performance this year, transporting an unprecedented 62 million passengers by the end of November, and coincides with its ongoing ambitious modernization and expansion of its rolling stock, committing PLN 24.5 billion towards this goal by 2030.