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PKP Intercity reports high popularity of the tickets on mPay and e-podróż Here's what you might find exciting

PKP Intercity reports high popularity of the tickets on mPay and e-podróż Here's what you might find exciting
photo: PKP Intercity/PKP Intercity reports high popularity of the tickets on mPay and e-podróż Here's what you might find exciting
22 / 08 / 2022

Passengers are eagerly using the PKP Intercity ticket sales network, which has been expanded in recent weeks. Through the mPay application and the e-podróżnik service, travellers have already bought 200,000 tickets for the carrier's connections.

As previously announced, PKP Intercity has recently expanded its ticket sales network. From 31 May this year, tickets can be purchased via the mPay application, and from 2 June, such a possibility has been available on the e-podróż website. The extended platform offer has met with great interest from travellers - 200,000 PKP Intercity tickets have already been purchased this way.

Easier planning of train journeys

On the e-podróż website, owned by Teroplan, PKP Intercity tickets with seat reservations can be purchased directly. If necessary, after the purchase, the passenger can modify the ticket himself - change the name of the traveller or exchange the ticket for another one. Tickets from many bus and train operators are currently available on the platform. Travellers using PKP Intercity for part of their journey and another carrier, whose offer is also available on the platform, can purchase and pay for tickets of both carriers in a single transaction.

In turn, the presence of PKP Intercity's offer on the mPay platform is also a major convenience for travellers using mixed transport. The mPay application allows, among other things, the purchase of public transport tickets in many Polish cities.

The new agency sales model proves successful

Both collaborations were established under the new agency sales model, which PKP Intercity introduced in September 2021. It is distinguished by standardised commercial terms and conditions for all partners, which greatly simplifies the formal issues involved in starting cooperation. It is planned to add more partners who will extend their offer to customers with the possibility of purchasing PKP Intercity tickets.

Purchasing a ticket for PKP Intercity connections is steadily becoming easier and easier. Sales figures show that customers are keen to take advantage of the additional possibilities. We are pleased that the new agency sales model we have introduced is proving successful. It benefits travellers, us and our partners. We are planning to develop further in this direction because Poles prefer to purchase train tickets via remote channels," says Tomasz Gontarz, Member of the Board of PKP Intercity.

More and more tickets bought via remote channels

In the first half of the year, PKP Intercity tickets were purchased by 67.6% of passengers through remote channels, primarily the internet or a mobile application. This form of purchase is growing in popularity - in the first half of 2019, 53.8% of travellers used it. At the same time, Poles are purchasing tickets less and less frequently at ticket offices and via mobile terminals.

In the first six months of 2019, they accounted for 46.2% of sales and, in the first six months of this year, only 32.4%.

Goal: to make purchasing PKP Intercity tickets as easy as possible

Further expansion of the ticket sales network is part of PKP Intercity's ongoing strategy, which sets as one of its key objectives the streamlining and simplification of the traveller service process through the introduction of more digital solutions.

Over the next few years, PKP Intercity plans, among other things, to introduce a modern ticket sales system, launch a loyalty programme and develop remote sales channels. Later in 2022, passengers will be able to use the new easy-to-use PKP Intercity mobile application, which is being designed in line with the latest trends and will offer several travel conveniences.


Source: PKP Intercity