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PKP Intercity launches simpler and cheaper travel to the Czech Republic

PKP Intercity launches simpler and cheaper travel to the Czech Republic
photo: PKP Intercity/PKP Intercity
24 / 06 / 2021

The Polish national carrier PKP Intercity facilitates the purchase of tickets for trains to and from the Czech Republic. Thanks to the online e-IC sales system, passengers can purchase promotional tickets as part of the Super Promo International offer.

From 17 June 2021, PKP Intercity offers tickets for direct connections to and from the Czech Republic in the e-IC online sales system. As part of the pilot project, only action tickets from the Super Promo International limited edition will be available. In the next stages, the pilot program will be extended to include the possibility of purchasing action tickets to other countries as well as to other countries and then tickets according to standard fares.

"The presented solution is a step towards the attractiveness of our offer for international transport. We believe that the possibility of buying tickets online will increase the already high interest in travel to the Czech Republic and ultimately to other foreign destinations. We hope that this will have a positive impact on passenger’s travel experience with PKP Intercity, which in our opinion begins long before boarding the train'' - says Tomasz Gontarz, Board member of PKP Intercity.

Ticket sales start 60 days before the train leaves and will be available for purchase 1 to 3 days before departure or until the action tickets are sold out, depending on the selected train.  Action tickets cannot be returned or exchanged. Tickets purchased in the e-IC system do not need to be printed, just show them to the conductor on your mobile (the only exception is international connections in sleeping cars or a place to lie down where the ticket is valid in printed form).

The Super Promo International offer is divided into 5 price thresholds - after one group of tickets has been exhausted, the sale of another will automatically start. The lowest threshold allows you to buy tickets from Krakow from just €9.90 (to Pardubice), from Katowice from €14.90 (to Prague) and from Warsaw to Prague from €19.90. From Krakow to the Capital of the Czech Republic, the trip will cost just €14.90.