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PKP Intercity Launches Agency Sales Model to Expand Ticket Access

PKP Intercity Launches Agency Sales Model to Expand Ticket Access
photo: PKP Intercity/PKP Intercity Launches Agency Sales Model to Expand Ticket Access
10 / 03 / 2023

PKP Intercity is expanding its ticket sales network to include grocery stores, kiosks, and petrol stations. This is part of a larger project aimed at making ticket purchases as easy and convenient as possible for travellers.

The company is developing an agency sales model for rail tickets and working to encourage cooperation between companies operating stationary sales points. PKP Intercity is betting even more strongly on a solution based on unified commercial terms and conditions, which has already been successfully implemented on several platforms, including KOLEO, mPay, e-podróż and SkyCash.

The new agency sales model is aimed at entities with a minimum of 50 stationary points of sale and who can demonstrate experience in selling services of external entities to consumers. The application process involves filling out an application form, which is available on PKP Intercity's website. The company's policy of standardised commercial terms and conditions greatly simplifies the formal issues involved in starting cooperation. PKP Intercity's goal is to expand its sales network and make ticket purchases quick, simple and intuitive in the customer's preferred app or website.

PKP Intercity's offer of a new agency sales model to stationary point-of-sale operators is an extension of a project launched in September 2021, in which the company turned to companies operating sales systems via an app and/or website. Last year, three partners started cooperation with PKP Intercity - tickets for the carrier's connections are available on mPay, e-podróż and KOLEO platforms. The sale of PKP Intercity tickets in remote channels proved to be a hit with the national carrier - by the end of February this year, the limit of 1.8 million tickets sold in the aforementioned channels had been exceeded. The company's expansion into stationary sales points is the next logical step in its efforts to make ticket purchases accessible to everyone.