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PKP Intercity Embraces AI with New CRM System to Enhance Passenger Service

PKP Intercity Embraces AI with New CRM System to Enhance Passenger Service
photo: PKP Intercity / Public domain/PKP Intercity
22 / 02 / 2024

PKP Intercity is set to improve passenger service with the initiation of a procurement process for an advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) functionalities.

Polish national carrier aims to streamline and enhance the effectiveness of marketing, sales, and customer service processes. By centralizing purchase history and customer interactions, the system promises a significant uplift in service personalization and efficiency, tailoring offers and support to meet the unique preferences of each traveler. This integration is poised to optimize business operations, emphasizing individual customer needs across both B2C and B2B segments.

"For us, the implementation of the CRM system is a step towards even more personalized service and a better understanding of our customers' expectations," says Tomasz Gontarz, vice president of the management board of PKP Intercity. "It is an investment in the satisfaction and convenience of travelers, who will thus be able to benefit from offers tailored to their needs and communicate with us more easily using various channels. It is also our contribution to the development of digital technologies in the railway sector."

Such an approach will ensure a seamless and comprehensive service experience for travelers, introducing new interaction mediums like chat and chatbots for efficient carrier communication. The initiative will enable the dissemination of tailored promotional content and real-time updates on attractive offers and destinations, directly aligning with individual passenger preferences. The adoption of this system also signifies a leap towards automation, streamlining sales, marketing, and service processes to elevate the overall passenger experience.