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PKP Intercity Card: A Game-Changer for Green Business Travel

PKP Intercity Card: A Game-Changer for Green Business Travel
photo: PKP Intercity / Public domain/PKP Intercity Card: A Game-Changer for Green Business Travel
09 / 11 / 2023

PKP Intercity is making a significant push to advocate rail travel as the premier choice for both individual and business travel due to its ecological and comfort benefits. The Intercity Card, a brainchild of this initiative, has emerged as a financial boon, promising savings of up to 173,000 PLN annually. The adoption rate reflects its success, with hundreds of businesses and individual patrons onboard and an impressive 80% renewal rate, indicating strong customer satisfaction and continued service reliance.

The Intercity Card offers unrestricted access to national trains across various categories, as well as services from multiple regional carriers. It is available as both personal and transferrable bearer cards, which aligns perfectly with the needs of businesses where multiple employees undertake rail travel. This flexibility, combined with tax-deductible benefits, streamlines travel planning and enables last-minute decisions without the hassle of ticket purchases. PKP Intercity's current promotional campaign aims to highlight these advantages, enhancing the appeal of the Intercity Card in the corporate sector.

Marek Chraniuk, the President of PKP Intercity's Management Board, underscores the financial and ecological incentives of the Intercity Card. This innovative service reduces both travel expenses and the carbon footprint for businesses, addressing the growing demand in the business travel market. With tiered pricing options, the Intercity Card offers substantial savings, making it a fiscally responsible choice for frequent travelers. PKP Intercity's benefits calculator assists customers in identifying the most cost-effective travel solutions, contributing to a customer base where a significant majority choose to renew their cards—a testament to the card’s value and the satisfaction it delivers.