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PKP Intercity Boosts Fleet with 35 Dual-Propulsion Multiple Units from Newag

PKP Intercity Boosts Fleet with 35 Dual-Propulsion Multiple Units from Newag
photo: PKP Intercity / Public domain/PKP Intercity signing the contract with Newag S.A.
08 / 07 / 2024

PKP Intercity has announced the acquisition of 35 dual-propulsion multiple units from Newag S.A., expanding its fleet and enhancing service on non-electrified lines.

The new trains will benefit regions including Zamojszczyzna, Podlasie, and Podkarpacie. These units are expected to begin service within two and a half years, restoring and expanding routes to towns such as Hajnówka, Zamość, Hrubieszów, Mielec, and others.

"This is a historic transaction for PKP Intercity," said Dariusz Klimczak, Minister of Infrastructure. "It responds to the demand for comfortable travel from smaller towns in Podlasie, Lubelszczyzna, and Podkarpacie. The contract with Newag S.A. is another step towards rolling stock investments, preparing PKP Intercity for the liberalization of transport." Klimczak highlighted the successful cooperation between PKP Intercity and Newag, expressing confidence in the project's success.

Source: PKP Intercity / Public domain

The new dual-propulsion trains will significantly improve travel quality and accessibility. Each unit will offer 178 seats, including accommodations for people with disabilities and cyclists, as well as modern amenities such as air-conditioning, ergonomic seats, and electric sockets.

"Local communities will thus receive not only a new quality of travel but above all the opportunity for development," said Janusz Malinowski, President of the Board of PKP Intercity. Zbigniew Konieczek, CEO of Newag S.A., added, "Thanks to the advanced technologies used in these vehicles, passengers will experience a significant increase in travel comfort, and the combustion engine meeting the latest emission standards will enable their operation on non-electrified routes."

The first two units are expected to be delivered 30 months after the contract signing, with Newag S.A. guaranteeing maintenance for the first 10 years of operation.

Source: PKP Intercity, RAILTARGET