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PKP Intercity announces a growing range of the Common Ticket: Find out what new offers are available online

PKP Intercity announces a growing range of the Common Ticket: Find out what new offers are available online
photo: PKP Intercity/PKP Intercity announces a growing range of the Common Ticket: Find out what new offers are available online
20 / 06 / 2022

From 15th June this year, within the Common Ticket system, it is possible to buy online tickets for connections operated by the Koleje Śląskie (Silesian Railways). Thus, passengers can already use the offer of 9 carriers, which makes it easier to plan joint train journeys around Poland and buy one ticket for the whole journey.

From now, on in the BILKOM system, it is possible to buy tickets within the Common Ticket offer also for connections by Koleje Śląskie(Silesian Railways). It means that almost all carriers, who in 2018 expressed their willingness to participate in this project, already sell tickets for their connections in at least one distribution channel (ticket office or BILKOM system).

"The consistent development of the Common Ticket project is a huge step towards an accessible and passenger-friendly railroad. The easier it is to connect long-distance trains with the trains of regional or agglomeration carriers, the more people will choose public transport," says Andrzej Bittel, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Infrastructure.

A Common Ticket is a service thanks to which people using Polish railroad services can buy one ticket for the whole journey - regardless of which trains they use and on which routes they travel. The offer applies to carriers from PKP Group and regional railroads and from the beginning of its existence it has enjoyed great interest from passengers - more than 1.2 million people have already used this service.

"Passengers expect friendly solutions which will make buying tickets and travelling easier. A Common Ticket is just such a service. The number of people who have used the Common Ticket so far proves that the decision to create and consistently develop this offer was right. We are very happy that solutions implemented by PKP Group serve the entire passenger rail transport market," says Krzysztof Mamiński, President of the PKP S.A. Management Board and PKP Intercity S.A. Supervisory Board Chairman.

Travelling all over Poland with a Single Ticket

The participants in the Common Ticket are: PKP Intercity, PKP Szybka Kolej Miejska in Trójmiasto, POLREGIO, Koleje Mazowieckie, Koleje Wielkopolskie, Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna, Koleje Małopolskie, Koleje Śląskie and Arriva RP. A Common Ticket is available at the ticket windows of all participating carriers, and for travel on the trains of most carriers also in the BILKOM system (except Mazovian Railways).

"To further increase the popularity of railroads in Poland, it is necessary to make them more accessible and modern. As the coordinator of the Joint Ticket we are glad that the offer of other carriers is available online within this project. Planning a railroad trip around Poland is becoming easier and easier and is possible with just a few clicks," emphasizes Tomasz Gontarz, Member of the Board of PKP Intercity.

"In Silesian Railways, we always choose solutions, which significantly improve the comfort of our passengers. We also know that planning a journey and buying a ticket should be quick and easy. Therefore, we are glad that we have joined the BILKOM system, which allows passengers to purchase the Single Ticket online. We are among the most important carriers and together we provide the possibility to choose the ticket that will not only be the best in terms of price, but also the best in terms of connections. From now on, together with KŚ, it will be even easier to travel the railroad routes of Poland, being sure that with the Single Ticket we travel the cheapest and straight to the destination," says Patryk Świrski, President of the Management Board of Koleje Śląskie sp. z o.o.

The Ministry of Infrastructure was the originator of the idea of the Common Ticket. From the technical point of view, the company responsible for its preparation is PKP Informatyka, which oversees all phases of the project - from analysis, design, programming, to the currently provided development and maintenance.

"As part of the tasks related to the development of the BILKOM system, we are constantly monitoring the needs and expectations of passengers. The key aspect is still to enable travel planning and purchase of the full offer of the market in one application that allows you to buy a joint ticket. We strive to make the offers of all carriers operating within the Single Ticket available online in the BILKOM system. The launch of ticket sales of Silesian Railways enables us to meet the needs of another group of passengers. In the BILKOM system you can buy tickets of the following carriers: PKP Intercity, Łódź Agglomeration Railway, Szybka Kolej Miejska in Trójmiasto, Polregio SA, Łódź Agglomeration Railway, Greater Poland Railway, Lesser Poland Railway, Arriva RP, Silesian Railways. The passenger has the opportunity to plan a journey taking into account the offers of these carriers, so he can find the best connections in one system. In addition, the BILKOM system has advanced algorithms for searching the most advantageous offers taking into account the possibility of a Joint Ticket proposal," says Tadeusz Turzynski, the CEO of PKP Informatyka, the company responsible for the maintenance and development of the system.

The next stage of the development of the Common Ticket will be the introduction of the offer of the Lower Silesian Railways and bus carriers and local public transport in individual agglomerations.


Source: PKP Intercity Press Releases


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