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PHOTO: Paris Metro is one of the best public transport systems in the world!

PHOTO: Paris Metro is one of the best public transport systems in the world!
photo: Editorial Team/Archive/PHOTO: Paris Metro is one of the best public transport systems in the world!
17 / 06 / 2022

The strength of Paris lies above all in its metro, which impresses not only with its visually landscaped entrances, which are characteristic of the art deco style but, above all, with its functionality.

Linking more than three hundred stations, some of which have had trains since 1900, and with a total length of over two hundred kilometers, it is one of the world's busiest but also best-functioning transport systems.

At first glance, the public transport system in Paris may seem complex, but the opposite is true. To get your bearings, you only need to know a few basics. Paris and its surroundings are divided into 6 transport zones. Practically the entire city center is the first zone, exceptionally you can get to the second and third zones. There are a total of 14 metro lines (labeled numbers 1-14), 5 RER train lines (labeled A-E), and 8 tram lines (labeled T1 - T8) running around Paris. You will only go to the airport, Disneyland or Versailles.

On the train to Versailles, behind the magnificent chateau, musicians will be playing for your journey. It's common courtesy to reward them for their efforts with a few coins. With a bit of luck, on the way to Versailles, you will be able to board a train whose interiors are reminiscent of a royal mansion. It is a very beautiful experience and the atmosphere of the train will put you in a pleasant mood.

The metro in Paris is one of the oldest in the world. It was inaugurated as early as 1900 on the occasion of the World Expositions held in the city. Its construction was unconventional. The wide boulevards of Paris were dug up, the metro was built, and everything was filled in and restored to its original state. Some of the metro entrances are still the original Art Nouveau ones. At the Abesses station on metro line 12, for example, there is a real gem to be seen. The inscription METROPOLITAIN above the metro entrance indicates the company that built the underground railway. It became known as METRO for short, and the name was then adopted worldwide.

A wide network of 14 underground lines will take you anywhere. And you really don't have to worry. If you've ever traveled by metro in Prague, it's the same principle. In addition, you can get a subway map anywhere - at your hotel, on the internet, at the information center, and the subway entrances. The metro runs every minute, so it's also the fastest mode of transport in the French metropolis.