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PHOTO: First Trains of the New Vorarlberg ÖBB Local Transport Fleet Are Officially in Operation

PHOTO: First Trains of the New Vorarlberg ÖBB Local Transport Fleet Are Officially in Operation
photo: Hofmeister / ÖBB/First Trains of the New Vorarlberg ÖBB Local Transport Fleet Are Officially in Operation
14 / 12 / 2022

With the timetable change, the first new, modern local trains of the type Siemens Desiro ML have gone into service for passengers. The new trains are in service in Vorarlberg in the border triangle on the route between Schruns and Lindau (DE) and from Bregenz and Dornbirn to St. Margrethen (CH).

"With the new train sets, the climate-friendly mobility of the future is already becoming a reality in Vorarlberg. Modern equipment, more space and finally practical bicycle transport - all this is offered by the new Desiro ML, which are on the road in Vorarlberg as of today," explains Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler.

"Vorarlberg is the first province to get the proven Desiro ML commuter train in the new and top-modern version as a four-car set. In the next few years, ÖBB will invest more than EUR 4 billion in its fleet," emphasises Sabine Stock, a Member of the Board of ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG. She adds, "In this way, we are creating an additional incentive to switch to public transport and getting even more people excited about travelling or commuting by train."

ÖBB / Hofmeister

Daniel Zadra, Regional Councillor for Mobility in Vorarlberg, is pleased: "The long wait is over. The new trains can carry almost 50 per cent more passengers than the old Talent 1 sets. They offer legroom not usually found on regional trains and have changing tables, multifunctional areas, power sockets and USB ports for charging mobile phones or tablets. But the biggest innovation is the space for bicycles: the new trains already offer space for 16 bikes, and from March, the sets will gradually receive their summer layout, which will be able to carry no less than 39 bikes." For the first time in Austria, modern local trains will be equipped with dedicated bike compartments. Passengers push their bikes into the train at one door, put the rear tyres of the bikes into specially made clamps and, once they have arrived, push their bikes out again at the other door. "This system has proven itself in Copenhagen for many years," explains Zadra. "In the brackets, each wheel stands alone." As a result, these new fastening devices provide clarity and order and reduce stress when getting off the train.

ÖBB / Hofmeister

ÖBB had signed a framework agreement with Siemens in August 2021 for a total of 46 Desiro ML electric multiple units, 21 of which were called up for local transport in Vorarlberg. All trains will be on track in Vorarlberg by October 2023.

Variable equipment depending on the season

The new generation of local trains in Vorarlberg can be adapted depending on the season. In winter, the four-car sets have more rows of seats and ski racks, while in summer, the low-floor area of the middle car will be converted to a bicycle compartment and will then have a total of 39 parking spaces. The conversion work will be carried out successively by ÖBB during the spring.

ÖBB / Hofmeister

Modern equipment and features

The new local trains will also have modern equipment and features all year round:

  • Barrier-free boarding at the same level
  • Automatic air conditioning for pleasant temperatures on the train
  • Adjustable, ergonomic comfort seats with sufficient legroom
  • Bicycle parking spaces in summer 39, in winter 16
  • Seating capacity 286 in winter and 288 in summer
  • Reading lamps and power sockets at the seats and combined power sockets incl. USB between the seats in the high-floor area at the carriage crossings
  • Large tables for vis-à-vis seating groups
  • Fold-out laptop tables and footrests for row seats
  • Information monitors with modern passenger information system
  • WLAN and OnBoard Portal ÖBB Railnet regio
  • 160 km/h maximum speed
  • Pram parking spaces at each boarding area
  • 2 wheelchair spaces at each end of the train
  • Sufficient storage space for luggage
  • Two WCs, one of them barrier-free accessible
  • Changing table in the barrier-free WC

A New ÖBB Train-Tech workshop opened in Bludenz

Simultaneously with the start of the operation of the new local trains, ÖBB officially opens its new ÖBB Train-Tech workshop in Bludenz. The 126-metre-long hall is optimally designed for the new local trains in Vorarlberg. For ÖBB, the safety of the passengers has a top priority, which is why 30 employees in the new workshop take care of the regular maintenance of the trains seven days a week. It is necessary after about 25,000 kilometres, i.e. every two months, and is carried out in so-called shutdowns. It means that the trains are always repaired when they are not needed in operation. In spring, the conversion to the summer layout will also take place here, in which the middle carriages of the new sets will be converted into a bicycle compartment.

ÖBB / Hofmeister

Source: ÖBB Press Releases