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Passengers Enjoy Promotional Offers from PKP Intercity. Here's All You Need to Know

Passengers Enjoy Promotional Offers from PKP Intercity. Here's All You Need to Know
photo: PKP Intercity/Passengers Enjoy Promotional Offers from PKP Intercity
28 / 01 / 2023

In 2022, more than 25 million PKP Intercity passengers purchased discount tickets. Travellers can take advantage of Promo offers, Cheap with Relatives, Multipass or statutory discounts.

Tickets from 49 PLN

Tickets for all categories of PKP Intercity trains are divided into five levels of promotion within the public Promo offer: Super Promo, Promo Plus, Promo 45 (tickets cheaper by 45% from the base price), Promo 30 (by 30%) and Promo 15 (by 15%). The availability of individual promotional tickets depends on the popularity of the train in question, as the Promo offer is based on a dynamic price management system. It means that sometimes it is enough to choose a train at a slightly less popular time to buy a much cheaper ticket. It is worth remembering that, under the Promo offer, tickets at promotional prices are available at various stages of sale - after its launch, a dozen or several days before departure, and even on the day of travel. Importantly, promotional ticket pools can change during the ticket sale.

Thanks to different promotional thresholds, it is possible, for example, to buy a ticket for an EIP connection operated by a Pendolino vehicle between Warsaw and Krakow or Warsaw and Gdansk for as little as PLN 49, and for TLK and IC category trains for as little as PLN 19. The Promo Hunters search engine available here will help you find promotional tickets.

Small groups and families travel cheaper

Passengers who plan to travel with at least two people and choose TLK or IC economy trains can take advantage of the offer for small groups - Taniej z Bliskimi. To take advantage of this offer, all you need to do is to travel in a group of 2-6 people - all group members receive a 30% discount on base ticket prices. Importantly, the offer is combined with statutory discounts. Please note that tickets must be purchased no later than one day before departure. Thanks to Taniej z Bliskimi, rail travel with your family or a group of friends is cheaper.

The offer is very popular with travellers. Its first six months of operation, from July to the end of December 2022, have resulted in 1.7 million tickets sold. Thanks to them, more than 4.1 million people enjoyed cheaper travel.

A promotional offer is also available on EIC and EIP express connections. When travelling in a group of 2 to 5 people, including a child under 16, it is worth using a Family Ticket. As part of the PKP Intercity offers prepared for families, all the group members are entitled to a 30% discount on the base ticket price.

On all PKP Intercity trains on domestic journeys, it is possible to use the Large Family Card, which gives a 30% discount when travelling with at least two people holding a Large Family Card (regardless of family affiliation).

When travelling with children, it is worth remembering that children under four travel with PKP Intercity for free in 2nd class carriages. All you need to do is download a ticket entitling them to travel for free. Older children and school children are entitled to a statutory discount of 37% based on a school card.

Discounts for senior citizens and students

The Senior Citizen's Ticket is a permanent offer for anyone aged 60 and over. The 30% discount is valid for travel in domestic transport on all categories of trains in 1st and 2nd class. To confirm entitlement to the discount, all you need to do is show the conductor a photo document confirming your identity and age, such as an identity card. Pensioners are also entitled to two journeys with a 37% statutory discount in 2nd class on all categories of trains in domestic transport.

Students are also entitled to a statutory discount, thanks to which they can travel as much as 51% cheaper on PKP Intercity trains of any domestic route with a valid student ID card. The student discount can additionally be combined with current promotions.

Cheaper fares in the middle of the week

For those planning to travel in the middle of the week, PKP Intercity recommends the Multipass and Multipass Max offers. These are valid for three days, from midnight on Tuesday to midnight on Thursday, and allow any number of journeys during this time. By choosing Multipass, you can travel on TLK and IC trains in 2nd class for 119 PLN and in 1st class for 159 PLN. Whereas Multipass Max includes all PKP Intercity trains. A ticket for travel in 2nd class costs PLN 239, and PLN 396 for 1st class.

Source: PKP Intercity