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Norwegians demand more train lines to the detriment of air travel

Norwegians demand more train lines to the detriment of air travel
photo: Bane NOR/Norwegians demand more train lines to the detriment of air travel
02 / 10 / 2021

A study carried out by KANTAR for Norwegian railway infrastructure`s, Bane NOR highlighted the need for more lines, especially high-speed ones, to replace air services. 70% of those surveyed prefer to travel by high-speed trains rather than by plane.

Expanding rail networks with new lines will help address climate and mobility issues, especially between big cities, and the operator emphasizes the need to increase investment in railways, improve service and upgrade existing rolling stock and infrastructure. Also calls for political will to seek formulas for organizing and financing this expansion.

For the railroad to be competitive and to materialize its environmental benefits, high-speed lines need to be built to replace highways, according to experts from Bane Nor. There is potential for travelers on the Oslo-Stockholm section, which will materialize if travel times are shortened and exchange a plane or private car ride for high speed.

Cutting travel time in half could increase the share of rail travel by up to 60 percent. In addition, a high-speed line between Oslo and Stockholm will ease congestion on the Kongsvinger line, which has difficulty getting goods to their destination on time every day.

About Bane NOR

Bane NOR is a state-owned enterprise in charge of the national rail infrastructure and its goal is to provide affordable rail infrastructure as well as efficient and convenient services, including the development of hub and cargo terminals.

The company is responsible for the planning, development, management, operation and maintenance of the national railway network, traffic management and administration, and the development of railway property. Bane NOR is responsible for the operational coordination of security work and operational responsibility for the coordination of emergency preparedness and crisis management.

Bane NOR is headquartered in Oslo and is 100% state-owned and subordinate to the Ministry of Transport and Communications.


Kantar Group is a data analytics and brand consulting company, based in London, England. It was founded in 1992 and has approximately 30,000 employees in 100 countries working in various research disciplines, including social media monitoring, advertising effectiveness, consumer and shopper behavior, and public opinion.