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More and More Polish Companies Are Opting for Environmentally Friendly Rail Travel

More and More Polish Companies Are Opting for Environmentally Friendly Rail Travel
photo: PKP Intercity/More and More Polish Companies Are Opting for Environmentally Friendly Rail Travel
21 / 12 / 2022

In times of inflation and high fuel prices, more and more companies are facing rising costs for business travel. Their impact on the environment is also not insignificant. An environmentally friendly and economical way of travelling has already been chosen by more than 620 Polish companies by opting for Intercity Cards. The Polish national carrier, PKP Intercity, is encouraging people to opt for rail, the most environmentally friendly means of transport that can also be an economical solution to the cost of business travel during difficult times.

Since January 2019 alone, 621 companies or organisations have opted to purchase Intercity Cards. As many as 80 per cent of consumers using Intercity Cards choose to renew, i.e., get a second card once the first one has expired. The high percentage of customers extending their card use proves how convenient and cost-effective Intercity Cards are. Approximately 20% of users decide to purchase more than one card, while it is worth noting that cards issued to bearers can be used by different people.

"We are pleased that more and more companies are deciding to purchase Intercity Cards. It is a sensible solution from both a business and environmental perspective. Instead of maintaining an expensive fleet of vehicles, it is better to purchase the necessary number of bearer cards that can be used by many employees. The rate of customers returning to buy another Card indicates that this is an extremely beneficial solution for business," stresses Tomasz Gontarz, a member of the board of PKP Intercity.

Intercity Cards - how does it work?

With an Intercity Card, we can use domestic trains of all categories, i.e., EIP, EIC, IC and TLK. Intercity Cards also allow free travel not only on PKP Intercity trains - with a Card, one also does not have to worry about a ticket when boarding Polregio trains, the Fast Urban Railway in the Tricity, the Warsaw Commuter Rail and the Lower Silesian Rail. Depending on your needs, you can choose a different period of validity for the card – monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. The cards are issued as named cards or bearer cards, which allows different company employees to use them freely. Expenses incurred on the purchase of the cards can be included in CIT tax returns. Intercity cards are a great convenience in planning a trip as you can decide to travel by train almost at the last minute without spending time buying tickets. Business travel by rail is a convenient solution for employees who do not have to be focused on the road during this time.

For everyone interested in purchasing the Card, to be able to conveniently calculate how much they can gain from the purchase of the Card, PKP Intercity has prepared a savings calculator, available here.

Enter some basic data in the form, and the system will calculate how much the Intercity Card is profitable and how much it will save depending on the selected option. The calculator will also suggest the most cost-effective version.

Faster and more comfortable by train than by plane

According to a report by the Railway Transport Office, in Poland, it is faster to travel by train than by plane on some routes between major cities. Travel to the same points in different cities was taken into account. Starting from Warsaw, it is faster to travel by train than by plane to Lublin (by 87 minutes), Gdańsk (by 64 minutes), Kraków (by 93 minutes), Katowice (by 96 minutes) or Poznań (by 67 minutes). Rail also offers competitive journey times compared to cars. Train journeys are becoming shorter and shorter thanks to new rolling stock and a modernised rail network. Unlike travelling by car, it is possible to work, relax or even enjoy a meal in a quiet atmosphere in the dining car. September this year, the Quiet Zone, known from Pendolino trains, has been extended to IC category connections served by Flirt and PesaDART electric multiple units. The Quiet Zone is a dedicated area on the train for travellers who need silence and respect and others who also want to travel in peace, where they can read, work, or simply relax. Since its introduction in 2016, more than 3 million travellers have used the Quiet Zone on EIP category trains alone.

Green rail travel

Rail has more than three times lower carbon dioxide emissions than road transport and over eight times lower than air transport, making it the most environmentally friendly mode of public transport. PKP Intercity is promoting awareness among travellers of the environmental impact of the various modes of transport. To this end, in 2021, it introduced information in the e-IC system for passengers on the carbon footprint of their train journey and how much more environmentally friendly it would be than travelling by car or flying by plane.

PKP Intercity has the ambition to become the first Polish passenger carrier whose operations will be climate-neutral. In the implemented investment strategy PKP Intercity - Railway of Large Investments, ecology is an important decision factor. The company is investing heavily in low-emission rolling stock and environmentally friendly infrastructure.

Source: PKP Intercity Press Releases